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Me, Myself and I

Post by YinYangHeart on Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:41 pm

"A sincere artist tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing."
~Willian Dobell~

[Name] Nicole Rebma (Wierd yes..)
[Alias] YinYangHeart
[Age] 24
[Sex] Female
[S.O.] Hetero
[Height] 5'0 (Haha, I'm short)
[Weight] 146 (Last checked)
[Hair/Eyes] Dark Brown
[Hair Style] Semi-short, Curly (Getting long though..)
Race: Latina

[Hobbies] Going out, drawing, writing fan-fics/stories, chilling at home, playing games, work-out, role-play, school, work.

[Likes] Sweets, Animals, Yaoi, Reading, Role-Playing, Videogames, Pokemon, My bed, Boys

[Dislikes] Spiders

Hi there, Rebs here, just an average college student with too much time on her hands.

I currently live in California, mainly in Los Angeles, but due to family, friends, and school I tend to move from time to time; either out to Pico Rivera, or Oceanside.

At the moment I'm majoring in Media Arts and Animation, and Education to become an art and/or elementary teacher.

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