|x| Xonia Arsinius |x|

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|x| Xonia Arsinius |x|

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|X| Xonia 'Cruor' Arsinius-Vestrius |X|

"What's sweeter than the honey? The honey comb."
"What's stronger than a wolf? Love."
"So hating me....would only make me love you more." ~XV

|X| PRESET |x|

|X| Appearance |X|

|x| Basic Info. |x|
||Alias|| 'Bloody-Eye', Arsin, Xonny, BonBon, Ninny Nanny, XonBon
||Current Age|| 5 Years, 0 Months
||Gender|| Muliebrous (Female)
||Breed|| Ultraist Lupine(c)
||Height|| 3.8 feet (at shoulder)
||Weight|| 123 lbs (mainly muscle)
||Length|| 4.1 feet
||Scent|| Rosemary Spice and Lavender
||Orientation|| Hetero

~Calm and collective with a stoic disposition.
~Unintentionally "motherly".
~Has a very authoritative response towards conflicting situations.
~Can be playful, but discreetly and ONLY with pups, or certain comrades.
~Tends to focus more on training and performing proper duties.

~2 Silver Bracelets. (Right wrist)
~1 Chained Collar.
~2 Earrings (Right lobe)
~1 Crimson Rose.

Rarity from MLP
(Only deeper toned with a British accent.)

|x|Pack Relation|x|
||Legion|| Red Ra}V{age
||Monarch|| Logen IV
||Respects|| Regina IIV
||Current Rank|| Archangel }IVO{
||Past Ranks|| Vr, Vo, VO
||Desired Rank[s]|| High-Tier [if worthy].
||Ravages|| 5
||Spars|| 3
||Healed|| 57
||Sessions Held|| 8
||V Scarring|| Bother sides of her shoulders.
||Ravagers|| Ruka VS, Xenrath xV, Oberon Vv

|x| Scars |x|
~Lacerations on left side of face.
~Torn left lobe.
~Missing left orb.

|x|Theme Song|x|
-Girl with One Eye by Florence and the Machine
-Howl by Florence and the Machine

|x|Family Relation|x|
||Sire|| Unknown
||Dam|| Unknown
||Siblings|| Apphia Arsinius
||Acquaintances|| Daziik, Markus, Marry, Durante
||Close Comrades|| Logen, Vidonia, Ruka, Xenrath, Hayley, Regina
||Motherly Towards|| Maestus, Lurikiani, Riokos, Senres
||Outside Comrades|| Fallen, Unseen
||Dislikes|| Caetani
||Attracted Towards|| Nikolai Vestrius
||Relationship Status|| Betrothed
||Devotion|| Nikolai Vestrius
||Blood-Kin|| Pascal
||Adopted|| Frauke, Lurikaini }VO{

|x| ORIGIN |x|

A hellish ultraist who took the protoplasmic appearance of a placid seeming lamia, but unlike most lupines, her derma is as charred-chromed as charcoal while portions of her bodice seem smeared with pigmentation that match the hue of blood.


Tales say she rose from the crimson vital fluids of the innocent who have been mercilessly slaughtered during a homicidal war.

Their souls and memories plague her mind, making her mentality hardly ever stable. There are even times when her reality is mixed with their past lives; flashes of pure carnage and holocaust invading her subconscious.

Secretively, she tends to admire the whimsical saturation of pure crimson, which is why she burdens herself with a single rouge-elapsed rose. A rose that will never wilt unless her life comes to a sudden end.

However, her “admiration” also leads down another road; a road of merciless mutilations and malicious cravings.

For because of this “admiration”, she never looks past a chance to witness the real source of her chromatic ecstasy.


The smell…

The taste…

The absolution…

Her protoplasmic structure may be that of a slender lamia, but to bare fangs at a mentally unstable ultraist breed…

Death can only be….but a breath away.

“So says the devil to the angel…can you fly…without your wings?”

||X||  ||X||  ||X||  ||X||

Finding herself in a new era, Xonia could only wonder and roam; forever to be plagued with the horrid visions of the past, filled with the memories of suffering souls. At least...until death comes to take her.

Days of traveling soon led the tri-hued muliebrous to a heinously ruled pack known as the Ashen Raiders. Their ruthless alpha? General Iodin. The years spent there were hellish for the young ultraist. Due to her feeble appearance, she was seen as a weak addition, but a decent one due to her healing capabilities. Unfortunately, for the first few weeks she was marked as Omega to be tormented, mocked and degraded before many sneering lupines. But not once did she complain, for she knew her place. Rather than striking back, Xonia held in her words and hollowed her emotions; reluctant to show them her pain, sorrow, and anger.

After a year, she finally reached the level of Subordinate; but even at this rank she was heavily tormented by her peers. All but 3 individual lupines saw her as an equal and accepted her into their awkward trio. Within the pack, they called themselves the "White-eyed Trio" for each lupine's eyes was as white as snow. Her life was content with the trio around to watch over her, but all changed when she made the ultimate mistake. She made the mistake of looking into her alpha's heinous eyes; dull crimson gazing directly into his own. For a low rank 'worm' to gaze into the alpha's eyes was a huge sign of disrespect and a gesture of 'challenge' towards the hierarchy itself. As punishment, the left portion of Xonia's visage was mauled. In the process, her left eye was gouged while her left ear-lobe was torn off. General Iodin was merciless; as a final act of regaining his status, the General devoured her severed eye before her broken form.


Such a beautiful color coated his lips...

Tears...  "I'm...crying?.."



As the horrid visions faded, the muliebrous found herself towering over a heinously crying General. His lower jaw had been completely severed from it's socket. The gruesome scene frightened her. She heard the heavy pounding of pads from approaching lupines, but was only blessed when it was the Trio. With their aid, she escaped the wrath of her pack, leaving the faith of their alpha into the Trio's paws; though never realizing what was to become of her comrades as well as the fallen regal.

Days became weeks...

Weeks became months...

A year comes and goes...

Xonia's wounds have long healed, but the pain and loss still remained. She at last stumbled onto another pack's domain. Apprehensive, but longing for food, shelter, a voice...she approached; being keen to keep her head low but her senses sharp.

A deep hoarse voice soon startles her.

"Allo cher....you seemed to have roamed onto Red Ra}V{age lands. Who might you be?"

Hesitantly, the muliebrous slowly ascended her single orb. She was taken back to see a lupine with what seemed to be a bovine's skull covering his crown as well as his visage. It was an odd sight, but for some reason, there was no sense of threat emitting from his presence.

"Xonia...Xonia Arsinius"

"Welcome, cher..."

||X|| ||X|| ||X|| ||X||

Life with her new 'family' took getting use to.

The tri-elapsed dame was not use to conversing with others. She feared like her old pack, they were just as hostile and filled with ridicule. For the first few weeks she would stick to herself, saturated on the edge of the radius, perched on one of the highest hill tops nature had to offer. There she would spend most of her days and nights in solitude.

For days she would watch as the pack's rituals take place. But the most known was the infamous night of "RaVaging" the 'fresh-meat' into the pack. When her time came, it took every fiber of whatever amount of sanity she clung to to keep herself from holding her ground, and not striking at her peers. Once her ritual was complete, she was met with something other than just blood-lust.

"Welcome to the family, cher.."



She now stood before her 'family' as their proud Herbalist.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks became months, it was not long before a year finally passed.

As time passed on, the once solitary muliebrous soon found herself growing more social and attached to her peers. She would not be as nervous when she conversed or bonded with them. The 'pictures' in her mind had even ceased to plague her for days on end. She even became a 'mother' when taken in a spunky little lass named, Lurikiani.

She now stood titled as a Saint Sinner. For months she watched over her peers, aiding their wounds and tending to their needs. Her experiences would continue help her skills grow. Yet no matter what she found herself doing, whether it was out gathering new herbs, healing the wounded, or performing check-ups, her single orb would never stray too far from a certain lupine.

Emotions foreign to her were beginning to develope...

But for now, she would keep them to herself for as long as she saw fit.

||X|| ||X|| ||X|| ||X||

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