~:. Xiomara V. Luminati .:~

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~:. Xiomara V. Luminati .:~

Post by YinYangHeart on Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:49 pm

|~| Xiomara Vitali Luminati |~|


- Meaning: "Vital Light"
- Current Age: 6 Years
- Gender: Brute
- Breed: Russian Eurasian Wolf
- Height: 4 feet (At the shoulder)
- Weight: 235lbs (All muscle )
- Length: 4.6 feet
- Scent: Floral Spice
- Orientation: Bisexual
- Personality: ‘Two-faced.’ Is mostly calm, full of intellect, with a stoic disposition who may also come off as slightly timid and bashful. However, with his ‘other-self’ nagging at him from the back of his unstable mentality, he can change drastically to insecure anger with delusional outbursts of aggression.

- Medium size pelt bag. (Made from collected rabbit pelts.)
- An emerald pendant around his neck.

- Xiomara's Voice: Russia from Hetalia
- Zaraza's Voice: Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2

- Current Pack: None
-Past Loyalty: Red Ra}V{age
- Current Rank: Demi [ VVO ]
- Past Ranks: v, Vo, VO
- Desired Rank[s]: Achieved
- Ravages: 0
-Healed: 46
- Spars: 8

- Scarring Received: Torn right shoulder. Lacerations from nape to bottom of left shoulder.
- V Scarring: Around left eye.
-Ravagers: Vex IVS, Ember IVO

Theme Song[s]:
- Fix Me by 10 Years
- Demons by Imagine Dragons
(Zaraza: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oMfifnAqRU )

- Close Comrades: Scarlet, Wallace, Hache, Till
- Has Eyes for: One Brute
- Soul-Bounded to: None
- Father to: None
- Blood-Kin of: Unknown
- Adopted by: Vex IVS [Deceased] and Ember IVO [Deceased]
- Siblings: Daziik (Brother), Vinny(Brother)
- Adopted: Kip and Orchid


Though Xiomara’s real ‘creators’ are unknown, (even to him) the young agnatic lupus is aware that he is of Eurasian Lupus descent; meaning, despite him growing up as a small statured pup, he would grow into the largest breed of lupine ever known.

He tends to appear capricious, lumbering, and always apprehensive when up against certain situations. Not to mention he cannot help but act judiciously bashful towards others. The only times he seems collective with a calm and stoic disposition is when he’s with his adopted folks, Vex and Ember, or very close comrades he has grown to inwardly love and secretly cherish.

However, the outwardly skittish brute carries with him a heinous secret.

He suffers from a minor case of Schizophrenia. Even when all seems well with the hulking lupine, he may be often found conversing with his ‘other-self’ whom he soon comes to name ‘Zaraza’ (meaning ‘Contagion’). There are even rare times when the lupine claims to notice a somberly pelt saturated apparition roaming about, shadowing his steps if not gazing at him from afar.
Should the hulking lupine ever be provoked negatively,(either through high levels of stress or immense physical pain) his ‘other-self’ seizes the opportunity and invades the apprehensive brute’s consciousness, taking over the other’s embodiment.

In order to ease his unstable mind, the brute tends to self-train himself by engaging in simple practices of basic combat, wonder about in search of herbs or hunt for easy prey that wonders into V territory.

Depending on his mood, Xiomara accommodatingly clings to curtain lupines who have interested him; mostly due to insecurity if not for being simply over protective.

A well-known gesture the young agnatic lupus has developed is an ear twitch and a light flicker of his pendulum, indicating anger, irritation, or impatience. But such a gesture is very rare unless provoked.


“Vhy do you run, leetle Nesti? Vhy not accept vhat you are meant to become?”

“Zaraza…am I crazy?”

“Nyet, leetle Nesti…to be ‘crazy’ you must thrive off anger and stupidity.”


“But insanity…consists of intelligence.”


With his lovable adopted father now gone, Xiomara has noticed a slight change within himself, along with his 'other-self'. No longer did the pugnacious apparition taunt, sneer, or torment the young brutalian's mind with sassy insults, in fact, it is as if the pain within Xio's heart had portrayed to the apparition's heart as well. But for whatever the reason, Xio noticed the slight increase in advise and decrease on the insults.

As for the hulking lupine himself, Xio has become more protective with his family, mainly his siblings. Wishing to ensure their safety, Xio has set up the goal to become the first Demi for his Ravage kin. Already studying in the art of healing from his beloved mother Ember; Xio decided to also befriend one of the pack's most skilled Warlords, Till, in hopes to gain proper training in the art of combat.

As a side hobby during his alone times, the sheepish lupine has developed a habit of hunting rabbits. Enjoying their intestinal innards, the brute spares the poor rodent's pelts (like his meemaw) and has fashioned them into a satchel he will use to carry small herbs if not other things.

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