Shine of the Necrosis Louvell

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Shine of the Necrosis Louvell

Post by YinYangHeart on Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:17 pm

||+|| Luminous de Louvell ||+||

We prefer to not show our inner strength...

but we will make it known to all those who challenge us,

that the strength of a family...

like the strength of an army,

is in it's loyalty to each other.

||+|| ||+|| ||+||

The "Necrosis Louvell" are an ancient species of Ultraist Lupine (demon wolf) who have roam the lands in secret and in darkness. For hundreds, if not thousands of centuries, they craved for death; but death does not come for them. In mockery, death cliams all whom are apart of them.

Their pelt itself is as black as the reaper's cloak. Yet decorating their flawless tapestry of stygian night are illuminating patterns of chromatic light.

The more anger and hate one feels, the brighter the light will shine. When joy comes to the mind, the light remains content and sublime. But with sorrow and loss, the light dims to a mere shimmer. If fear should arise, the light flickers like an uncontrollable beacon.

This 'light' comes from the Necrosis Louvell's 'Life-Core'. Should one's life come to an end, the light will fade and forever their heinous soul will be lost in darkness. Thus why, though they crave for death, they also fear it.

Ancient tales would speak of 'hell hound' related beasts appearing where death is near, where pain is distributed, where life is present, or misery is certain.

They are attracted to one's misfortune and do well to indulge their curiosity by stalking their distraught victim. Whether or not they choose to put these poor souls out of their misery is up to them alone or the Louvell Monarch.

The necrosis Louvell have been known to be a very closed off species; very untrustworthy to those outside their kin. For any being who wishes to become apart of their kin, they must go under a form of initiation.

The four B's.

Birth. Bless. Bond. Blood.

Birthed. Naturally, if the being is born within the family and it's genetics meet the expectations of the Monarch, said new spawn is happily welcomed with open arms into the society of Necrosis Louvell.

Blessed. Outsiders are always looked down upon by those above the Elites. For such a being to be welcomed into the group, they must be 'blessed' or vouched in by a current member of the group. A well seasoned and loyal member. Only then, will the Louvell Monarch hand his trust to this new member and welcome him or her into the family.

Bonded. Love is always a weak factor for the Necrosis Louvell. Though their opinions and thoughts towards those whom are mortal are sublime, they are a mildly accepting breed when it comes to mates. Should a current seasoned member choose to be mated with an outsider, said outsider has a choice to become a part of he Necrosis Louvell society or risk out casting their Necrosis Louvell mate.

Blooded. The outsider must make a wise choice if they so truly wish to be apart of the Necrosis Louvell. Either they must offer the Louvell Monarch their blood, or the blood of another. One thing is certain, death is always a close call during this form of initiation.

||+|| House of the Louvell ||+||

+Louvell Sovereign+
+Louvell Monarch+
+Nonpareil Louvell+
+Neophyte Louvell+
+Louvell Spawn+
+Louvell Sinner+


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