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Pepper the 'Piper'

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-|X|- Penumbra 'Pepper' Fissure -|X|-

~ "You heard of Peter Piper? Well I'm Pepper the Piper, cuz pipes is what I go for.."

~ "Trottin' in place, bitches, trottin' in place!"

~ "Well aren't chu' a cute lil' bug....does that mean I can crush you?"

- - -


-|X|- Basic Information -|X|-

|+| Responds to the titles Penumbra or Pen.
|+| Allows only close comrades or family to call her 'Pepper'.
|+| Has walked the earth for 3 years and 6 months.
|+| Adds to the muliebrous population.
|+| Bats eyelash only towards the masculines.
|+| Emits the aroma of Cayenne Pepper.
|+| Accumulates the vocals of Queen Latifa.
|+| Wields the blood of an Smilodon Populator.
|+| Height is --ft while weight is --lbs.

-|X|- Personality -|X|-

- Bold
- Playful
- Whimsical
- Compassionate
- Ill-tempered
- Cocky
- Hyperactive
- Flamboyant
- Loyal
- Protective
- Flirtatious
- Very Social

-|X|- Themes -|X|-

"The Golden Age" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour (Main Theme)
"Cannibal" by Ke$ha (Main Theme 2)
"Run This Town" by Rihanna and Kanye West (Hunting/Roaming)
"A Woman Scorned" by Lady Antebellum (Fighting)
"Die Another Day" by Madonna (Fighting 2)
"Warrior" by Ke$ha (Fighting 3)

-|X|- HEALTH -|X|-

- - -
[X] Normal
[ ] Injured
[ ] Sick
[ ] Pregnant - Expecting -/-


- Moon shaped scar over left eye.
- Cuts over lip/muzzle.
- Lacerations over throat/nape/back legs.
- Laceration over right shoulder.

--Mental Illness--


-- Statistics --

- - -

-|X|- Items/Attire -|X|-
- A tribal necklace she 'claimed' after killing a human hunter.
- Bone marrow ear-buds on both lobes.
- Crimson feather in her mane.

-|X|- Lineage -|X|-

|+| Is the progeny of sir Gladius Fissure and madam Ivory Zaelous.
|+| Shares half her kin's blood with Delphian Fissure. (Deceased)
|+| Holds interest towards no masculine.
|+| Desires the heart of no masculine.
|+| Has surrendered her heart to no masculine.
|+| Once held the heart of no masculine.
|+| Is matriarch to no progeny.
|+| Is surrogate to no orphans.
|+| Holds the friendship of Taluk.
|+| Is acquainted with Balint, Koltan, and Sargon, Ashlan.
|+| Is antagonized by no sabers.

-|X|- Organization -|X|-

|+| Is apart of Renascentia.
|+| Holds loyalty to no pride.
|+| Bows her head to no monarch.
|+| Shows respect towards none.
|+| Holds the metier of a traveling rogue.
|+| Surpassed the metiers of none.
|+| Holds aspiration towards nothing.
|+| Experienced in the art of Combat, Tracking, Medicine.


|+| Has sparred with 3 Sabers. |Won| 2 |Lost| - |Tied| 1
|+| Has killed 1 Saber.
|+| Has healed no Sabers.

-|X|- Background -|X|-

- + -

As a cub, Penumbra has always been a hyperactive, and carefree saber. Even more so when she knew her older brother Delphian was always watching her back. She lived high within the mountains with her loving pride; who was lead by her father, Gladius. Penumbra never knew her mother; all she ever heard was that her name was Ivory and that one day she went out to hunt, but never returned. Her pride was known as the Moon-Scar Pride, mainly from the moon shaped scar all members had to receive once they reached a certain age. Penumbra received hers from her father when she turned 1 year.

Life was good for Penumbra. A loving father, a loyal brother, and a cherishing pride. But all that soon came to an end when /he/ arrived. A rogue named Orphius. The male was practically a veteran. Scars littered his body from head to toe. Kind as he was, even Penumbra's father had second thoughts of this intruder, but ignoring his gut, Gladius allowed the traveler to stay with the pride. The pride was eerie about the traveler, and for god reason. Behind Gladius' back, the brute would thrust his weight around with his head held high, tormenting those he believed to be weaker than him. At last, when word spread, Gladius confronted the brute and demanded he leave their lands. But this veteran was beyond defiant, he challenged the alpha to a solo dual for power. In the end, it was Penumbra and Delphian who had to carry their father's corpse out and bury it. Never has Penumbra felt such loss. She was only glad her brother was still at her side.

That night, the air was silent and filled with melancholy. As Penumbra lounged by her father's den, a series of heavy steps made her raise her head. One by one, those she has come to know as her family appeared from the shadows, canines bared, but reluctance in their eyes. To her misfortune, the veteran saw both her and her brother as threats to his new reign, thus the pride was ordered to chase them out. As much as Penumbra wanted to stay and fight for her proper placement, 2 against so many were not wise odds.

After a quick scuffle with 3 sabers, Penumbra managed to escape their claws and run towards the borders with only a few lacerations to her legs. Unfortunately, this seemed too easy of an escape. Before Penumbra could fully escape the territory, none other than Orphius lunged out from a thick brush, ambushing the young lass. The tawny saber could feel sharp daggers embedding into her shoulder as long canines practically wrapped around her neck. This bastard wanted her death to be slow, thus purposely letting his sabers scrape along her flesh, still drawing fluids of red. By shear luck, Delphian appeared looking worse for wear himself. Spotting his beloved sister at death's door, the dark coated saber strikes the veteran's side before prying him off Penumbra's now heavily torn throat. The high dose of adrenaline kept both siblings on their toes as they escaped the borders of their former pride; and even after leaving the borders, both continued to run for as far as their aching limbs could carry them.

- 7 Months Later -

Months have passed since that horrible night. Penumbra's wounds have long healed, but not her pride. Despite that night's horrific event, both Penumbra and Delphian have done well to survive without their pride. Both working together to hunt down minor prey. Little by little, Delphian did his best to train Penumbra on the lines of combat and herbal healing; he only hoped his sister wouldn't need to use such methods.

- 1 Year Later -

'It's been days..' a young 2 year old Penumbra whined as she sat by the edge of her and her brother's den. Not 4 days prior, her brother left in search of prey. Penumbra had insisted she joined him, but Delphian declined; him as his pride. But now that it's been 4 days, Penumbra was beyond worried. She kept herself from leaving the den thinking her brother would return and not find her. But enough was enough. Inhaling a deep breath, the scarred saber rose and exited from her den, unprepared for what she might discovered out in this strange wilderness.

She could not believe it. She refused to believe it, yet there it was before her.


And one was wearing what appeared to be a pelt-like robe. The resemblance was there, but Penumbra still refused to believe what she was staring at. But no matter how many times she repeated it in her mind, the scent, the pelt coloration, they were all her betrayers. That despicable two-legged being was wearing her brother's skin on it's shoulders. And around it's neck, she could see a single saber strung with beads of red. She could only guess that saber also belonged to her brother; that or another saber. Either way, Penumbra was filled with a burning rage. She could feel deep pernicious bellows vibrate from her throat, but rather than ambush now, she will wait. There was no sense of her ending up like her precious sibling. She will wait for the right time. Like a soulless apparition, the moon-scarred saber slinks back into the darkness of night.

- 1 Month Later -

Finally, the time has arrived. For weeks, Penumbra has followed these two-legged beings, observing them, leaning their bits and pieces of survival methods. How they fought, hunted, cared for one another. They were an intriguing species, and one not to underestimate. It baffled her how these beings could bring down a full grown mammoth with such little casualties. For her pride, it was not as difficult, but it did take a lot of effort and strength just the same. But still, Penumbra had other things to worry about tonight. The two-legger she has been stalking for weeks was finally alone, and vulnerable. The pathetic fool had ambled away from it's village with nothing but a thin spear and a sack made from the hide of a mammoth. From what's she's learn, this particular two-legger was male, but she knew even with the spear, he could not have killed her brother alone. These beings worked in numbers.

Keeping her steps light, Penumbra followed her 'prey'. She wanted to make sure he was out of calling range from his pride. As the male two-legger reached a small clearing, Penumbra watched as he placed his things down and walked over to what seemed to be a small stream. 'Ahh, perfect..' thought the scarred saber as she hid herself within the thickness of some foliage. Skillfully, she crouched, and waited. As the human fully crouched down to drink from the stream, Penumbra rolled her shoulders and bellowed. When the man raised his head, Penumbra lunges out from the foliage with a loud growl. Hearing the roar from behind, the man actually rolls out of Pen's claws, gaining only a slash to his backside as he rolled in the dirt. 'Fuck!' the saber cursed as she nearly topples into the stream. Regaining her posture, Penumbra sees the human now in a fighting stance, spear in both hands. Instinctively, Penumbra emits a deep growl and swipes at the man's direction, trying to smack the spear from his grip before said weapon jabs at her faintly. Again, the human rolls and manages to jab the spear into Penumbra's right shoulder, earning a pained growl from said saber. The pain in her shoulder was excruciating, but it was all Penumbra needed.

With the spear now embedded into her thick shoulder, Pen, swipes once more at the weapon, snapping it in half. The man seemed surprised by the tactic, but again, it worked in Pen's favor. With the human taken back, Penumbra emits another heinous growl before making a lunge for the man's warrior-like frame. Her may not have surpassed his own, but her weight was far more superior. The man's cries fell on deaf ears as Penumbra delve her enlarged canines into his flesh and commenced to thrash him like a rag doll. Thick claws embedded and lashed onto the being's tender flesh, severing muscle tissue and flesh off bone. Within minutes, the man's body fell limp, and the saber's lips was coated with fresh mounds of blood. As Penumbra raised her head, she casually licks the liquid off her lips as she looked down at the mangled human.

"Is it done, brother.." the tawny saber purred with labored breaths before haunches settled on the blood covered pasture.

- 2 Weeks Later -

With new wounds healed, and vengeance acquired, Penumbra stood before her brother's grave. After having reclaimed her brother's pelt, to her grim discovery the saber fang hanging around the man's neck was indeed her brother's. She noticed the missing fang from the pelt, and it only pained her on the inside. But what was done is done. Penumbra had buried her brother's remains within a thicket she figured no one would know about, including herself. Once she leaves this land, she hopes to forget about her losses. But faith is not as kind. Looking down at her brother's grave, Penumbra could bare to leave a few things behind. Proudly, she placed the tribal necklace the human made from her brother's fang around her neck; and in her mane, she wore a deep crimson feather the man wore in his own hair. Her final prize was not exactly a prize, but a necessity. The pelt bag made from mammoth hide. Though it seemed of little to know use to her, she figured it could be of use someday.

These were her prizes.

Her treasures.

And forever, her reminders.


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