-|- Dwyndilyn the Grin -|-

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-|- Dwyndilyn the Grin -|-

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-||- Dwyndilyn Marsh Ripjaw -||-

"Do not take life too seriously, or you will never get out of it alive."

-|- {I.} Basic Information -|-

= Responds to Dwyndilyn.
= Allows some to call him Dwyn, Dilyn, or Dill.
= Has roamed the earth for II years and V months.
= Adds to the virile population.
= Shows interest in both masculines and feminines.
= Emits the aroma of cut wood, ash, and mud.
= Accumulates the vocals of Ellis {L4D2} with a southern accent.
= Wields the blood of a Mackenzie-Valley and Eurasian mix.
= Height is 4 feet at the shoulder while weight is 187lbs.
= Collector of odd objects and livers.

-|- Personality -|-
- Clumsy
- Forgetful
- Playful
- Easily Amused
- Emotionally Sensitive
- Whimsical
- Compassionate
- Hyperactive
- Loyal
- Protective
- VERY Social
- Friendly
- Accepting
- Forgiving

-|- {II.} Health -|-
[X] Healthy 80%
[X] Injured 10% (Abrasions from elk.)
[X] Sick 20% (Emaciated)
[X] Recovering (Slowly regaining his weight.)

--Mental Illness--
- STML: Short-term memory loss (only when really stressed.)
- Mentality of a pup.

- Torn right lobe.

-- Statistics --

-|- {III.} Items/Attire/Theme -|-
- Broken radio collar.
- Feathers behind his ear.

-|- Themes -|-
"It's Just What We Do" by Florida Georgia Line (Normal)
"Hey Mama" by David Guetta/Nicki Minaj (Hunting)
"All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled (Hunting2)

-|- {IV.} Lineage -|-
= Is the progeny of sir Kaine Ripaw and madam Dellavi Quickfur
=Share half his kin's blood with unknown heirs. {Vacant}
= Holds interest towards no lupine.
= Desires the heart of no lupine.
= Has surrendered his heart to no lupine.
= Once held the heart of no lupine.
= Is patriarch to no progeny.
= Is surrogate to no orphans.

-|- Pack Relations -|-

Watches X | Protective XX | Family XXX
Acquaintance X | Friend XX | Loyal Friend XXX
Curious X | Interested XX | Trusts XXX
Likes X | Admires XX | Loves XXX
Neutral X | Respects XX | Highly Respects XXX
Dislikes X | Despises XX | Challenges XXX
Unease X | Fearful XX | Avoids XXX

Decimus XX | XXX | XXX | XX
Zerkos X | X | X
Joel XX | XX | XXX | X | XX
Rasii X| X | XX | X | XX
Rin X | X | X | X
Blair X | X | X | X | X
Devin X | X | X | X
Vaeskra X | X | XX
Nakiha X |X | XX | X | X
Desdemona XX | X | XX | X | XX
Marianne X | X | X | X | X
Morrin X | X | X | X

-|- {V.} Coalition -|-
= Is apart of Aesceron.
= Holds loyalty to Zethymos.
= Bows his head to Warlord Decimus.
= Shows respect towards Decimus and Joel.
= Holds the metier of Huntsman {ZH}.
= Holds aspiration towards Counsel {ZCO}.
= Surpassed the metiers of Hunter {Zh}.
= Experienced in the art of Play, Hunting, and Tracking.


= Has accompanied in 5 hunts.
= Has experienced 5 successful hunt.
= Has experienced 0 failed hunts.
= Has sparred with 1 lupine. |Won| 1 |Lost| - |Tied| -
= Has fought with no lupines.
= Has slain no lupines.

-|- {VI.} Background -|-

Born with a mental condition, Dwyn, though he appears to be a young adult, still maintains the mentality and intellectual level of a young pup. Unlike some, he's very social, hyperactive, and tends to wander off when there's no one watching him; a curse of curiosity on his part. Also the wanting to stock his secret food pile for fear of starving also drives him to wander off in search of prey or scavenge for food. No matter if one is being mean, foul, or simply mistreating him, Dwyn never ceases to falter his signature toothy grin, never hesitating to present it to all. Hence the nickname 'Dwyndilyn the Grin'. He wear a broken radio collar, given to him by the humans within a wild reservation. Even though he can remove it whenever he wishes, he's sees the object as a 'safety trinket' when around his neck.
-|- -|- -|-
He was not born in the wild, he was actually raised in captivity since birth. He never got the chance to socialize with his mother and father for at 6 weeks old he was removed and taken to a different reserve to join a human organized pack. As a way to track him and his pack, a radio collar was place around his neck. Despite his will to please others, he was seen as a nuisance and a burden because of his condition. Though he saw this as a game, their have been a few incidents where those he considered 'friends' would attempt drowning him by holding his head under the surface of shallow waters. Miraculously, not only has he survived, but he's adapted the talent of being able to hold his breath for more than 4 minutes. How the other's treated him never seemed to really bother Dwyn, not even when they forced him into the Omega rank. But what was beginning to affect him both mentally and physically was the lack of food he was receiving. There were times when Dwyn would even go weeks without having a decent meal. He was largely built, but with poor nutrition, his once bulk and heavy form deteriorated to a lanky, emaciated structure. Height was his only advantage now.
-|- -|- -|-
At 2 years, while ambling aimlessly along the reserve's borders, Dwyn stumbled upon a part of the fence that was damaged with a rather small hole. Again, curiosity would take over, and the next thing Dwyn knew, he was squeezing through the fence and began to explore the outer world, beyond his borders. He later came to regret this since after traveling for what felt like hours, he couldn't remember how to return back to the reserve. Scared, lonely, and lost, he continued to travel. Shortly, while crossing a ravine, he lost his foot, which lead to him bashing himself a few times along the rocks. He managed to escape with minor bruising and scrapes, but the radio collar was not so fortunate. Though it still clung around his neck, the tracker within the device was severely damaged. Even if the young lupine wanted his caretakers to find him, there was no way now.
-|- -|- -|-
After traveling aimlessly for months and only surviving of other's kills and muskrats, Dwyn suddenly found himself stumbling upon foreign lands. The smells were different, the scenery was different, everything was different...he liked it. Following the scent of other wolves, the tawny painted lupine found himself wondering into another pack's den, the Zethymos. Surprisingly to him, they seemed rather tolerable of his presence, least they didn't kill him on the spot. Taking it upon himself that he was at least welcomed, Dwyn made himself a home, quickly settling in a cool area near a dashing waterfall.

"Whoo-whee! This place is amazing!" he howled before diving into the refreshing pools.

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