Hoshae Obadiah Daeva

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Hoshae Obadiah Daeva

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|D| Hoshae Obadiah Daeva |D|

"How Joyous.."

||MEANING|| "Servant of Salvation"
||ALIAS|| Obadye
||AGE|| 8.5 Years
||GENDER|| Female
||VOCALS|| --
||SPECIES|| Warg
||BREED|| Vukasyn Daeva
||SCENT|| Burt Charcoal
||S.O.|| Hetero
||HEIGHT|| 6.2ft ||WEIGHT|| 300lbs

||PATRIARCH|| Kornelius Daeva
||MATRIARCH|| Apphia Arsinius
||KIN|| Calixto, Owlius
||BETROTHED|| Kian Iridicain Arlevet [Yarl-vet]
||PAST LOVERS|| Slade (Deceased)
||PROGENY|| Valkeeria {Alive}, Stygian {Deceased}

||LEGION|| House of Daeva
||POSITION|| Successor

||Theme|| "Bruises & Bitemarks" by Good with Grenades


Hard to believe that the runt of a litter of 5 would grow to become the most successful one of them all. Yes, little Hoshea was the runt. And as a runt, she was always shunned by her siblings and outcast by her own mother, Apphia. Yet despite her hardship beginning, she managed to push herself forward and became the most stubborn, sagaciously wise, placid, warm-hearted, and abnormally large muliebrous Successor any being has ever seen. She stands 5ft at the shoulder and weighs 248lbs [all pure muscle]. The scars upon her bodice came from her past conflicts and battles she had to face alone. The oldest scars mainly coming from her own siblings. The rather large gash upon her visage came from her mother the night she was wrongly exiled from the Daeva as an adolescent.

Distraught, betrayed, mentally unstable, the adolescent roamed the lands alone, thoughts of solitary insanity taking over whatever form of conscious she had left.

A spark of hope...

Not long after her exile, Hoshea ran into the last being she thought to ever see in her life. Kornelius, the true Lord of the Daeva House....her father. Taking pity upon his own blood, the Vukasyn Daeva took in his youngblood and raised her, teaching her the ways of combat, stealth, and defense.

Wars, endless confrontations, bloodlust...

At the age of 6 [lupine years], a mass fight struck within the House of Daeva, that which Hoshea called her home. Her nightmares of the past returning to bring forth her downfall. Due to her father's refusal of disowning his Heir, the fight worsens.


Bright illuminist voids of crimson gold widen at the familiar carcass sprawled before her scarlet tainted embodiment. "F-father..." Sharp lobes elevate at the malicious cackle bantering behind her bulk frame. "So the inferior runt lives on...how joyous.." hissed the pure charcoal painted damsel while thick armed pads grazed over the cobble ruins of crimson encrusted fluids and fallen comrades. "My little lass....how you've grown..." soothing mockery whisked past crimson encrusted velvets.

Ashen auditives flatten as enraged pugnacious bellows thundered from parted peeling labrums towards the infernal blood related charred lamia. "MURDERING DEMON!!!" Onyx hooks delve within the ruins as mass bulk thrusts forward into a bound. Widening jowls reveal rows of crimson encrusted enamels as they threatened and aimed to plunge within negrescent-elapsed scalp.

Crimson twin pools remain impassive to the upcoming assault. "Yes...hate me, my love....it shall only drive you forward..." soft blithe oration left the obsidian she-beast's labrums before fatigued voids of pure crimson are hidden behind obsidian orbital lids. "How joyous indeed..."

Imperious carnassials plunge mercilessly. Pools of delicious bitter sweet vitals burst from within rapaciously ruptured cerebrum. Negrescent-elapsed embodiment collapses forward into the pools of past fallen. Straining labored breaths gasp through crimson seeping nares. "Heh...heh....y-your father once warned me...that my own blood...would spill...upon these ruins..." Charred lids elevate to reveal dull crimson chasms. "I thought it only fair....to allow the beast I tortured...to spill it..." the charred dame convulsed.

"Your sympathy is irrelevant to mine....I want no pity...for I shall give you none.." spat the ashen dame as she towered over the mutilated charred she-beast. Stepping back, the ashen behemoth pirouetted her crimson tattered bodice from the sprawled abomination; sparing not a glance to its mangled silhouette. "Leaving me...to a slow...death...how merciless, my dearest Hoshea.." convulsed the fading she-beast.

Crimson painted ashen embodiment halted. Her thick lacerated tail rose indicating a mockery of domineering status. "How joyous of me....mother dearest.." with last said articulation, the massive bulk of lamia padded forth into the unknown remains of her once thriving household.

The she-beast halts and settles her hind-quarters upon rubble ruins, chasms of gold oscillating upon her father's corpse. A silent mourn. Hoisting a mutilated ligament, the ashen dame slipped off the deceased Kaiser's rings of pure silver with loving devotion. From his ruptured pharynx, the dame removed his treasured necklace resembling that of a cross. "With these treasures...I shall forever wear your burden..." she whispered with a calm yet audible snivel.

With the golden moon rising, the ashen dame craned her cerebrum, tilting it towards the darken skies. With crimson labrums parted, her larynx flexed as strenuous howls of mourning filled said skies with her laments of melancholy grief. Around her neck and left wrist, her silver cross and silver rings illuminated with a rumor of having the cosmetic force to repel demonic entities and their abilities. Tears of crimson streamed down her visage before she fell silent. A saddened simper visible upon her palette. "How joyous..."


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