Cunning Trickster

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Cunning Trickster

Post by YinYangHeart on Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:18 pm

--}{-- NAME --}{--
Marroquin Prism
Alloquin Prism
Farroquin Prism
Jaoquin Prism


--}{-- APPEARANCE --}{--

--}{ BASIC INFO. --}{--

||ALIAS|| Trickster
||AGE|| 7.5 years
||BREED|| ultraist lupine

--}{-- PERSONALITY --}{--

--}{-- THEMES --}{--

--}{-- HEALTH --}{--

[X] Normal
[ ] Injured
[ ] Sick
[ ] Pregnant



--}{-- ITEMS --}{--

--}{-- LINEAGE --}{--

||MATE|| -
||SPAWN|| -

--}{-- ORGANIZATION --}{--


--}{-- HISTORY --}{--
A demon lupine with an unstable psychotic mind. His actions are always unpredictable, due to his split personality. Basically, he’s an innocent puppy inside an adult wolf’s body. At times, he appears to have a cheery disposition; invades personal space with his social antics, and hyperactive behavior, claiming others as toys for his amusement. But all this can change within an instant. Even during his happy-go-lucky state, he can snap and strike out at anything and anyone. His form of ‘fun’ can go from cuddling his ‘playmates’ , to later shredding them alive. He never feels regret for his actions and there are times when he can’t even remember his actions. When it comes to fighting, he actually hates violence. But be warned, to push his puppy-like antics too far, it may just be the last thing you do.
[[Notes: he likes red eyes, and tends to collect them. He hates loud noises.]]

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