~||~ Kitatashi Otahko ~||~

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~||~ Kitatashi Otahko ~||~

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~||~ Kitatashi Blackfoot-Otahko ~||~

{I.} ~ Cite(s) ~
“We are children of the moon! So let us rise to the stars, just as the moon rises to the skies. What say you?!”

{II.} ~||~ Basic Info. ~||~
:Sobriquet: Kita
:Dotage: V Years - II Months
:Genitalia: Muliebrous (Female)
:Aroma: --
:S.O.: Heterosexual
:Genus: Iberian/Eurasian Wolf :H/W: 4FEET – 170LBS
:Articulation: English
:Vocalization: Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren)

~||~ Persona ~||~
- Calm
- Intellectual
- Whimsical
- Courageous
- Confident
- Playful
- Ill-tempered
- Protective
- Authoritative
- Motherly
- Solitary

~||~ Health Status ~||~
:Healthy: {100%}
:Ill: {0%}
:Injured: {0%}
:Disabled: (0%}
:Scarred: {--}
:Pregnant: {--} :Expecting: {--}

~||~ Statistics ~||~
Strength XXXXXX
Agility XXXXXX
Intelligence XXXXXX
Stamina XXXXXX
Flexibility XXXXXX
Endurance XXXXXX
Pain Tolerance XXXXXX

~||~ Attire ~||~
- Orange Hankerchief

{III.} ~||~ Lineage ~||~
:Patriarch: Ujarak Blackfoot
:Matriarch: Naira Otahko
:Kindred: 2 {Vacant}
:Fonds: -
:Inamorata: None yet.
:Progeny: None.
:Surrogate: None.
:Cohorts: Gael

{IV.} ~||~ Coalition Info. ~||~
:Coalition: Nefarious Fangs
:Superior: None
:Honors: Gael
:Metier: Alpha Female {NAII}
:Aspiration: High Council or Death
:Achieved:NPv, NYV, NHIV, HIII, NDII
:Aptitude: Warrior, Hunter, Medic
:: Apprehended Meals 0
:: Mended 0 | Mentored 0
:: Disputes 0 | Slain 0 | Succumb 0

{V.} ~||~ Relations ~||~
Watches I | Protective II | Family III
Acquaintance IV | Friend V | Loyal Friend VI
Curious VII | Interested VIII | Trusts IX
Likes X | Admires XI | Loves XII
Neutral XIII | Respects XIV | Highly Respects XV
Dislikes XVI | Despises XVII | Challenges XVIII
Unease XIX | Fearful XX | Avoids XXI

::Garl:: II, III, VI, IX, XI, XV, XVI, XX

{VI.} ~||~ Themes ~||~
:: Adiemus – Sanctuary of Song
:: She Wolf – Devi Lovato

{VII.} ~||~ Bio ~||~

{4 Months Old}

Kita has always had two sides to her, even as a pup. She could be playful, or stern; depending on the situation. But seeing how much her mother was struggling in the beginning of her months, Kita mentally matured faster. Even at the age of 4 months, Kita wanted to be by her mother’s side, wishing to help her with hunting. Of course, her mother Naira would simply plop her back into the dens with her siblings, leaving her to only pray that her mother would return safely. With how immature her father is, even Kita knew that if her mother never returned, the pack was doomed to starve.

{6 Months Old}

Though Kita was still too young to help hunt, she never missed a chance to just watch from a distance. It was risky, but with their father as least sitting with them, Kita felt at ease watching her mother work. Naira made it essential for the pups to watch her hunts. She needed them to learn fast, especially with their simple minded father still holding to his puppy stages. Kita hardly paid any attention to her father and uncle though; her main focus now was watching her mother’s hunting techniques and learning from them.

{10 Months Old}

After spending her early months watching her mother hunt, Kita took it upon herself to practice by hunting small game. Her actions actually encouraged her siblings into hunting as well. At least this way, they could feed themselves during hard times. Kita refused to let her siblings go hungry as well as herself. But at least by this point, her father and uncle have stepped up to the plate and have been finally assisting in bigger hunts. Still, Kita was unimpressed with the male duo; she could still detect a lack of skill within the pair.

{1 Year Old}

At last, her time has come. After months of practice, the time has come for Kita to put her skills to the test. She would become a true elk hunter this night. Gathering Kita, along with her siblings, Nadia, Sinopa, Chogan, and Nootau, Naira leads her small pack towards the hunting grounds. Together the group of 8 wolves stalked through the night, tracking a small herd of elk that Naira had sensed days prior. Since her two sisters were smaller, Naira sends them to be the ‘chasers’, while the rest of the pack will lie n’ wait to ambush. Kita was excited and eager, but under her mother’s orders, the striped dame waited. She did not have to wait long though. Within minutes, Nadie and Sinopa herded a full grown bull elk towards the awaiting pack. Joining them were their brothers, Nootau and Chogan.

It was not until the bull elk was upon her that Kita made her move. As her mother Nara aimed for the throat, Kita made aim for one of the elk’s flailing fore-limbs, latching on with all her strength. Releasing it’s stressful cries, the hulking animal continued to kick and flail, fighting to escape the entourage of wolves. Yet even so, Kita refused to lose her grip. With the pack working together as a unit, it was not long before the elk was brought down. Now licking her crimson stained lips, Kita basked in her mother’s praise of a successful hunt. She was now an elk hunter, and a true member of the Somma Pack.

{3 Years Old}

Now 3 years of age and full grown, Kita aids her growing pack by hunting with her siblings, cousins, father and uncle on a weekly if not daily basis. Throughout the years, Kita and her sisters seemed to want to connect more with their mother than their father, Ujarak; though it was opposite for her brothers. Still, though they have matured by this time around, Kita could not find herself fully respecting Ujarak’s authority, much less his family’s name. So, wishing to carry and hold onto her mother’s lineage title, she clings to the Otahko name; Kitatashi Otahko.

{Weeks Later}

The winters within Kita’s region were beginning to grow colder and harsher. Prey was becoming harder to find. Even with the majority of her pack out hunting, Kita could see they were slowly starving. The pains in her stomach were enough to confirm that. Unfortunately, starvation was not their only problem. To Kita’s distraught, some members of the pack had perished this winter. Due to the harsh cold and lack of food, Naira’s recent litter did not make it. Kita knew that this loss was not only a heavy blow to their pack, but the last straw for her mother, Naira.

After the loss, Kita silently sat near the edge of her pack’s domain one night. Her ears would perk as faint voices were heard. Pivoting her head, yet crouching to stay out of sight, she sees her mother, father, uncle and her uncle’s mate all gathered together.

“We cannot live like this any longer!” she hears her mother say. “At this rate, we will all die by next winter, and I refuse to let such a thing happen,” Naira continued to bellow.

“But where shall we go? The lands are barren all over..” says her father.

There was a moment of silence, and a heavy sigh from Naira. “We have no choice. There is a better place farther out towards the south, but it is already inhabited by another pack. They call themselves the Thunder Pack…last I saw of them was many years ago.”

“You want us to…go to war?” Malik hesitates. “Naira…are you certain our numbers can even surpass that of this pack? For all you know, they may have double since last you sa—“

“It was my father’s land first! And I have confidence that our pack will succeed…or do you not trust the inner powers of your own offspring? You oldest son has shown much talent in the art of combat…I trust him to handle his own in battle,” argued Naira.

As the conversations drove on, a decision was finally made. It seemed that in order to avoid another casualty such as this and ensure the pack’s future, the Somma Pack had to return to its roots. They had to return back to their old hunting grounds. It appears they were going to war.

After a month’s travel, Kita, along with her family, finds herself standing at the top ridge of a snowy hill. They were looking down upon their enemy, already choosing targets. The plan was simple, take out their alphas and reduce their numbers. Admittedly, this worried Kita. Their enemy’s numbers were far greater than their own by at least 10 wolves. But if their plan succeeded, all should go well.

Hearing foliage rustle, Kita as well as the pack, all jump in preparation for a fight. But all soon relax when they see it is simply Nadie.

“You bring news?”asks Naira.

“Good news. Half their pack has gone hunting, leaving the alpha pair and a few others unprotected. Those left behind appear to be juveniles,” informed Nadia.

“How many exactly? Juveniles or not, they may still pose a threat,” the alphess huffed.

“Seven, mother,” answered Nadie.

“Excellent,” Naira turns to her family, “tonight, we take back what is ours. Leave the alpha pair to Ujarak and I…should they run…stop them. Now let us strike!”

Tilting her head back, Naira unleashes her signature howl to the skies, signaling to all that the battle has begun.

At the signal, Kita rushes downhill with her family, tails lashing high like waving flags. Ears were fully erect while mahogany lips peeled to reveal glistening ivory hued enamels. Course, Kita knew tonight her once clean canines will be sporting a new color, the color of blood.

As her pack rushed down the hill side leading to their enemies, Kita set her sight on an average sized juvenile. Apparently a cousin of hers had eyes for the same target. The poor lupine never saw it coming. Between the two larger wolves of the Somma Pack, the juvenile was practically torn to bits. He was lucky though; he managed to escape at the last moment. Panting, Kita watched as the being staggered off with a broken forelimb, whimpering pathetically. Her cousin had already run off in search of another target. No sense in going after one whom no longer wished to fight. Before Kita can rejoin the battle, a blur of ahs and snowy hues dashes pass her, disappearing into thick foliage.


Said striped dame pivots to her mother’s booming voice. She could see a struggling dark hued form pinned beneath the regal’s mass, though Kita could not make out as to whom her mother’s victim is. “Stop her!” the alphess snarled, “she plans to retrieve the others!”

When she put two and two together, Kita lets out a frustrating bellow. “The hell she is..” she snarls under her breath. Without moment’s hesitation, the striped shewolf bursts through the thick foliage with a growl. Thick pads pounded at the icy surface as she chased after the ashen coated lupine. The snow beneath them was soft, which worked to Kita’s advantage. Cleverly, she would simply place her pads within the running lupine’s prints in the snow. The snow seemed to slow her target, but it only gave Kita leverage. This wolf may have had a head start, but she was no match for Kita’s perseverance. Gaining on her target, Kita decides to abandon the prints and sprinted up to high ledge just along the trail; there was little snow up there. Keeping her keen eyes on the running wolf now below her, Kita finally releases a heinous snarl as she leapt from her perch. Jowls parted wide as she made aim to pounce on the unsuspecting lupine’s backside and latch onto her hindquarters.

A surprised yelp escapes the ashen dame as both wolves topple into the snow, both struggling to land on top. When both bodies finally come to a halt, Kita still had her jaws locked on the other’s hide. Not even waiting to give the other a chance, Kita immediately began thrashing her head, pugnacious snarls vibrating from her throat. Her foe’s cries soon contort into snarls. Kita is taken back when the ashen wolf roughly squirms within the snow and manages to crane her mass, wanting to snap at Kita’s visage. Kita swiftly pulls back, avoiding the other’s feint attack. With her posterior released, the ashen snow wolf quickly lunges forward with her own jowls gaped. As her mother had taught her, the striped dame tucks her head downward while frantically taking steps back, wishing to protect her throat from the other’s jaws.

When canine tips scrape the upper portion of her muzzle, Kita snarls as both females thrash and topple into the snow once again. Both lupines violently scramble and scrap at each other. Fangs would rupture and tear through flesh. A series mixture of snivels, snarls, and cries echoed while crimson began to stain the once alabaster hued tapestry below them. It was not until the sound of a cut off snarl and a crunching ‘snap’, that all fell silent.

Panting heavily, Kita straightens up. Her lips, chest, muzzle, and right foreleg were stained with deep crimson fluids. With a placid gaze, the striped dame stared down at her now deceased foe. Good, this will buy her pack more time. She only hoped this was the only scout.

Her ears suddenly elevate when heavy steps sound nearby. Turning her head, she sees the familiar form of the charred lupine her mother had pinned before. From the lupine’s haste stagger, Kita could see that the dark wolf had an injured shoulder. Following behind said lupine with rapid speed were her sisters, Nadie and Sinopa. Surprisingly enough, behind them was none other than Naira. Seeing this, Kita didn’t have to guess twice as to who this mysterious charred wolf was. It was the alpha female of their enemy pack. With that in mind, Kita springs into action.

She watches as her sisters roughly pounce on and pin the snarling foe. As the charred female tries to snap at one of her sisters, Nadie, Kita bared her teeth with a snarl and practically tackled into the shewolf. Her jaws soon latch onto the dame’s nape. Tightly gripping on the other’s nape, Kita shoves the dark wolf’s face further into the snow. With the weight of three wolves piled on top, the dark wolf found herself immobile and at their mercy. Despite their eagerness to end this, none of the sisters motion further. In silence, they watched as their mother approached, an obvious sign of satisfactory displayed upon the regal’s visage.
“Do you remember me?” Kita hears her mother bellow.

The charred dame says nothing. She merely sends the towering Somma regal glare that matched the pure coldness of the ice which surrounded them.
“No? I’m not surprised. I was but an innocent spec to you. Shame…because I remember you,” Naira would sigh. Enclosing on the scene before her, Naira would gesture a nod towards Kita. Reading her mother’s silent command, Kita shifted her position while still clinging to the enemy’s nape. This earned a rebellious snarl from the charred female. But it quickly fell silent when said lupine’s head was suddenly craned back uncomfortably, which exposed her throat to the Somma Pack’s regal.

“Should you have remembered me, I would have simply marked and released you…after removing your ears and tail,” Naira lowly bellowed. “But then…there is no point in this now, is there?”

“Go die in a fox hole, Somma pig!” The charred dame suddenly spat hoarsely.

There was no mercy after that. Lunging forward, Naira crunches onto the foe’s exposed throat and immediately commences to thrash her entire frame. Snarls, cries, rupturing flesh, and flying snow filled the air with audible symphony. By this point, Kita and her sisters have released the enemy shewelf. Like her sisters, Kita watched in silence as even after the Thunder female’s frame fell limp, their mother continued to toss, thrash, and tear at the body. It was a horrific sight, but perhaps something she should keep locked away in her memories, forever.

At last, the regal female regains her composure before looking over to her daughters. “It is done..” was all she said before turning away and commencing to return to the rest of their pack. Upon returning, Kita finds that not only had her brothers chased and brought down the alpha male, but that her father, Ujarak, dealt the finishing blow. Though she will never admit it, she’s proud that her father has finally stepped up to the plate as their true alpha.

Finally, after a long night, Kita hears her mother’s howls of victory sound though the skies. They have won the battle. As others joined in, Kita tilts her head back to emit her own howl. For the rest of the night, Kita and her pack basked in tonight’s victory. The pain in her wounds had long subsided, but even she knew that scars would remain for as long as she lived.

{4 Years Old}

A year had passed since her pack regained their original homeland. And just as her mother promised, the land was plentiful with herbs of elk and bison. It was total bliss when the pack ate their first elk, even more so when Kita brought down her first bison. Kita would at times wonder how her grandparents grew up in this land. How her mother grew up, however short it was.

Would they be proud?

As months passed, it was not long before winter arrived. However this winter had turned just as harsh as their previous home. Hunting became more and more difficult with each passing day. It was getting to the point where Kita, some of her siblings, and cousins would travel for miles and still find nothing. It seemed her grandparent’s once rich land was no longer prosperous. Her mother’s pack was slowly starving once again. Kita knew it was getting bad when family started turning on family for scraps.

“Kita..” a voice calls. Turning her head, Kita sees her mother, Naira, approaches. She watches as the regal sits next to her. “No luck?” Naira asks.

“No, mother…the herds had long moved on from this region. Perhaps the cold drove them out?” answered Kita.

Kita could see the sullen depression in her mother’s eyes, but she says nothing more. “The cold has destroyed their resource of food; therefore they had no choice but to move on,” Naira sighs, “to survive.” A silent pause before Kita hears her mother inhale. “Perhaps we should follow their example..” with that, Kita watches as her mother rises and begins padding off. She made no comment towards her mother’s sudden decision. Who knows; perhaps when she creates of a pack of her own and they face the same ordeal, she would do the same. Especially if it meant keeping her pack alive.

Later that evening, talks of leaving the land they fought for spread among the pack. But it was Naira and Ujarak who confirmed it. A decision was made. Kita and her family now set off in search of a new land they could possibly call their own oasis.

{2 Weeks Later}

It had been days since they let their land. Weeks since Kita had ate her last meal.

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