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-||- Hizenrah -||-

Post by YinYangHeart on Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:55 am

~||~ Hizenrah-Orah Azrafyan ~||~
{Char(c)4/24/2013 - LBB}

{I.} ~ Cite(s) ~

" I'm not blind. I simply cannot see very well."

{II.} ~||~ Basic Info. ~||~

:Sobriquet: Hiz, Hizzy
:Dotage: III Years - V Months
:Genitalia: Virile {Male}
:Aroma: Cut Grass
:S.O.: Bisexual
:Genus: Native Redwolf
:Articulation: English
:Vocalization: --

~||~ Persona ~||~

- Arrogant
- Rude
- Flirtatious
- Masochistic
- Whimsical
- Bipolar
- Confident
- Flamboyant
- Ill-tempered
- Protective
- Authoritative
- Sadistic
- Solitary

~||~ Health Status ~||~

:Healthy: {100%}
:Ill: {0%}
:Injured: {0%}
:Disabled: (0%}
:Scarred: {Scratches below left eye.}

~||~ Statistics ~||~

Strength XXXXXX
Agility XXXXXX
Intelligence XXXXXX
Stamina XXXXXX
Flexibility XXXXXX
Endurance XXXXXX
Pain Tolerance XXXXXX

~||~ Attire ~||~

- Shark-tooth Necklace
- Red Rose

{III.} ~||~ Lineage ~||~

:Patriarch: Unknown
:Matriarch: Unknown
:Kindred: {Vacant}
:Inamorata: None yet.
:Progeny: None.
:Surrogate: None.
:Cohorts: Silence

{IV.} ~||~ Coalition Info. ~||~

:Coalition: Death at Dawn
:Superior: Sithis }DD I{
:Honors: Deava, Adelaide }DD III{
:Metier: Omega }DD Vo{
:Aspiration: Unknown
:Achieved: n/a
:Aptitude: Unknown
:: Mended 0 | Mentored 0
:: Disputes 0 | Slain 0 | Succumb 0

{V.} ~||~ Relations ~||~

Watches I | Protective II | Family III
Acquaintance IV | Friend V | Loyal Friend VI
Curious VII | Interested VIII | Trusts IX
Likes X | Admires XI | Loves XII
Neutral XIII | Respects XIV | Highly Respects XV
Dislikes XVI | Despises XVII | Challenges XVIII
Unease XIX | Fearful XX | Avoids XXI

"Though I've only heard your voice once, you seem to carry a regal disposition."

"You're quite a feisty rock."

Adelaide IV|VIII|X|XIV
"You sound like a nice she-wolf."

"Such a kind medic; I hope to learn from you as well as get more acquainted."

Pocahontas IV|VII|XIII
"You seem mostly troubled at times...do know I can lend an ear."

{VI.} ~||~ Themes ~||~

{VII.} ~||~ Bio ~||~

When he was exiled from his blood pack, Hizenrah suffered and immense beating from his so called 'comrades'. One specifically, had aimed to rip out his entire throat; but he was spared at the last gripping moments of his life and left for dead. Now due to the large lacerations around the male's neck, he is incapable of emitting any form of language; much less words. Only muffled. raspy, broken sounds. With lacerations also decorating his face, the male is partially blind. Only able to see shapes and silhouettes during the day, but total darkness during the night.


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