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|$| Frauke Iris Rosenrot |$|

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|$| Frauke Iris Rosenrot |$|
{Frauke(c)LBB - 9/23/2014}

|I. Cite(s)|

"Every body is a book of blood; wherever we're opened...all you'll see is red."

"I do not fear death...because if jou're afraid to die, jou von't be able to lif."

|II. Basic Info.|

+Responds to Frauke or Bloody Mary.
+Hour glass chimed V years and VI months.
+Wields jewels of a muliebrous.
+Emits the aroma of Red Roses.
+Bats eyeles towards viriles only.
+Wields the genus of lupine.
+Wields the blood of the Blood Bayne(c).
+ Accumulates German and English vocalization.


+ Compassionate
+ Motherly
+ Protective
+ Loyal
+ Accepting
= Determined
= Mischievous
= Flirtatious
= Easily Amused
= Stoic
= Social
= Whimsical
- Short-tempered
- Vengeful
- Spiteful
- Cannibalistic

|III. Health|

[X] Healthy 75%
[X] Injured {Left fore-limb and side of her neck.}
[ ] Sick
[X] Recovering {Torn tendon in her back left leg.}
[ ] Pregnant : Expecting -/-

|Mental Illness|

+ Lacerations on left side of face.
+ Laceration on left fore-limb.
+ Laceration on left back-limb, originating a limp in her step.
+ Lacerations on posterior.


|III. Items/Attire|

+ Red scarf.
+ Plastic red rose.
+ Black birdbone earrings.

+ "Rosenrot" by Rammstein
+ "Not Gonna Get Us" by T.A.T.U

|IV. Lineage|

+ Is the progeny of sir Hartwin Rosenrot and madam Helena Crossfang
+ Share her kin's blood with unknown heirs. {Vacant}
+ Holds interest towards no virile.
+ Desires the heart of no virile.
+ Has surrendered his heart to no virile.
+ Once held the heart of no virile.
+ Is matriarch to no progeny.
+ Is surrogate to no orphans.

|V. Pack Relations|

Watches I | Protective II | Family III
Acquaintance IV | Friend V | Loyal Friend VI
Curious VII | Interested VIII | Trusts IX
Likes X | Admires XI | Loves XII
Neutral XIII | Respects XIV | Highly Respects XV
Dislikes XVI | Despises XVII | Challenges XVIII
Unease XIX | Fearful XX | Avoids XXI

Ezequiel IV|XIII
"A pleasure meeting you, stranger."

Chernobog I|IV|VII|XIV
"Ve should converse more, ja?"

"I'll show jou 'scary', meine fruend."

Lorelias I|IV|XV
"Ich cannot vait until our next session, herr."

Celavie IV|VII|XIV|
"Do heal up, herr...I look forward to a rematch."

|VI. Coalition|

+ Serves the coalition Somber Dominion.
+ Bows her head to VI monarchs.
+ Shows respect towards II barons.
+ Holds the metier of Hitman {Ax}.
+ Currently within no tier.
+ Holds aspiration towards Executioner {AX}.
+ Surpassed the metiers of --.
+ Experienced in the art of combat, and minor healing.

|| || ||

+ Has performed 0 patrols.
+ Has sparred with 1 lupine. |Won| - |Lost| - |Tied| 1
+ Has executed 0 lupines.
+ Has hunted and eliminated 0 targets.
+ Has fought with numerous lupines.
+ Has slain 13 lupines.

|VII. Background |


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