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{Frauke(c)LBB - 9/23/2014}

|| + || + || + ||

Frauke meaning "Little Lady"
Iris, the flower/plant.
Rosenrot meaning "Red Rose"


"Efery body iz a book of blood; vherefer ve're opened...all jou'll see iz red."

"Ich do not fear deazh...because if jou're afraid to die, jou von't be able to lif."


+Responds to Frauke .
+ Alias are 'Bloody Mary' or 'Frog'.
+ Took first breath on September 23rd.
+Hour glass chimed VI years.
+Wields jewels of a muliebrous wolf.
+Emits the aroma of Red Roses.
+Bats eyelash towards virile wolves only.
+Wields the genus of lupine.
+Wields the blood of the Bloodbayne(c).
+ Accumulates German and English vocalization.
+ Accumulates the voice of Kirstie Alley.
+ Stands at 3.9 feet at the shoulder.
+ Weighs around 156 pounds, mostly muscle.


[+] Compassionate, Courageous, Dutiful, Maternal, Protective, Reliable, Clever, Loyal, Accepting
Cheerful, Calm

Determined, Disciplined, Mischievous, Humorous, Proud, Stern, Flirtatious, Easily Amused, Social, Whimsical

Short-tempered, Two-Faced, Stubborn, Barbaric, Impulsive, Vengeful, Spiteful, Moody, Cannibalistic, Uppity

|| || ||


+ Sound of rain.
+ Snow.


+ Getting wet by the rain.


+ To reach her professional (rank) goal and make her mentor proud.
+ Have a family.


+ Disappointing others.


With her father's genetics being more dominant, Frauke reaches the abnormal height and weight of a large breed wolf; not common for most females. She wields long sturdy legs, tough thick shoulders at average width, a thick long muzzle, and sharp earlobes. Years of wandering the lands as a lone she-wolf earned Frauke her well toned legs, which aid in her fast sprints and high jumps; despite her size. Albeit she would appear thickly furred during the winters; when summer arrives, it sheds off , leaving an adorn set of muscles. And even though her claws are blunt (like most canines/lupines) 60% of the time, she makes it a habit to sharpen them by using stone surfaces or trees; usually when preparing for a fight.

Her bulk physique is littered with scars from altercations of the past; one in particular carved on her right shoulder, indicating a symbol of 'banishment'. Her pelt is hued with three different shades of red, originating from her Blood Bayne genetics. Outnumbering her scars would be the pitch black symbolic markings decorating her from head to tail. It is a well known fact that said markings illuminate when a Blood Bayne wolf is angered or in blind rage.


+ Health 100%
[ - ] Injured
[ - ] Sick
[ - ] Recovering - Mended by ___ -/- to -/-
[ - ] Pregnant : Expecting -/-

|Mental Illness|

+ 'Banishment' scar on right shoulder.
+ Lacerations on left side of face.
+ Laceration on left fore-limb.
+ Gash on left back-limb, originating a limp in her step.
+ Lacerations on posterior.
+ Flesh-tear on the left side of her neck.



+ Red scarf.
+ Plastic red rose.
+ Gold bird-bone earrings {III}.

+ "Rosenrot" by Rammstein {Main}
+ "Bloody Mary" by Lady Gaga {Main 2}
+ "Not Gonna Get Us" by t.A.T.u {Fighting}
+ "How Soon Is Now" by t.A.T.u {Fighting 2}
+ "The Howling" by Within Temptation {Assassinating}
+ "Die In A Fire" by The Living Tombstone {Assassinating 2}
+ "Teardrop" by Massive Attack {Assassinating 3}

+ Is the progeny of sir Hartwin Rosenrot and madam Helena Crossfang
+ Shares her kin's blood with known heirs, Mariam and Irakein. {Vacant}
+ Holds romantic interest towards 1 virile.
+ Desires the heart of Chernobog.
+ Has surrendered her heart to Chernobog K. Stalin.
+ Once held the heart of no virile.
+ Is matriarch to no progeny.
+ Is surrogate to no orphans.

Watches I | Protects II | |Guards with Life III
Family Associate IV | Family V | Blood Kin VI
Acquaintance VII | Associate VIII | Friend IX | Loyal Friend X
Curious XI | Interested XII | Accustomed XIII | Trusts XIV
Likes XV | Admires XVI | Infatuated XVII | Loves XVIII
Neutral XIX | Respects XX | Highly Respects XXI
Dislikes XXII | Despises XXIII | Hates XXIV | Loathes XXV
Unease XXVI | Fearful XXVII | Avoids XXVIII
Friendly Rival XXIX | Enemy XXX
Challenges XXXI | Wishes Death Upon XXXII

+ + +

"To zhink it took tearing each ozher apart to show how much I felt tovards j'ou, meine grober bar."

"J'ou are beginning to run me ragged, meine kommandant."

"Danke, I'm glad j'ou vere zhere ven zhings vere getting out of control, herr Piranha."

"J'ou really shouldn't hide in j'our bush so much, frau...might find un gutt male vith zhose eyes und j'our carink personality."

"J'our sense of humor iz zee only zhing savink j'ou from meine wrath, herr. Keep it up."

"Danke herr, I only vish j'ou did not see such un side of me."

|Other Affiliations|

"Ja, ja, I vill behave, herr."

"Not zhat I don't fond over our friendship und j'our silence...but jou should shpeak more. I'm curious as to vat j'ou schink of me."

"Ummm...danke? J'ou smell gut as vell..?"

Naribaris {Deceased} - I|XXV|XXX|XXXII
"Do enjoy hell vizhout j'our ballz, sei scheibe..."

Drel {Deceased} - VII|XI|XIX|XXII|XXX|XXXI
"J'ou are in a better place now, herr. I am only sorry j'ou had to succumb to such a fate."

"I'll make j'ou suffer, just as j'our dear brozher did by meine fangs"

+ Serves the coalition Somber Dominion.
+ Once bowed her head to monarch(s): Lorelias, Azenfliel, Viserys, Carnival, and Shronen.
+ Holds head high with Carnival, Chernobog, and Lyou as Chieftain
+ Shows respect towards Envoys(s): Ezequiel and Venus.
+ Aspiration currently achieved.
+ Surpassed the metiers of Fledgling and Hitman.
+ Experienced in the art of combat, espionage, and poisons.
+ Holds imperfections in the art of healing.

+ Collector of  genitalia.
+ Has devoured the genitalia of 5 victims.


|Tasks for Proximate Ranking|

- - -

|| || ||

|Tasks Performed|

+ Has participated in 3 training sessions.
+ Has participated in 1 training regiment {IC}.
+ Has hosted 3 training session.
+ Has educated 5 lupines.
+ Has performed 8 patrols.
+ Has sparred with 5 lupines. |Won| 2 |Lost| 1 |Tied| 2
+ Has executed 0 lupine.
+ Has ambushed 3 targets.
+ Has eliminated 2 targets.

|| || ||

+ Held disputes with numerous lupines.
+ Has slain 9 lupines.

|| || ||

|Targets Eliminated|

+ Naribaris {Pup Murderer} - 4/17/16
+ Drel {Kidnapper} - 4/26/16

|Targets Pursuing|

+ Stel {Kidnapper} - On Hold
+ Vangelis {Pup Murderer} - On Hold

|| || ||

|Rank Log|

+ Fledgling {4/3/16}
+ Hitman Ax {4/5/16}
+ Hitman Ax I {4/12/16}
+ Hitman Ax II {4/21/16}
+ Hitman Ax III {5/14/16}
+ Chieftain {8/15/16}


According to German folklore, the first of the Bloodbayne wolves rose from the many pools of freshly spilt blood during a 5 year long war period. The location was a small urban village just below the Zugspitze Mountains in the cold wilderness of Germany.

Albeit these people prayed to many deities, they often praised to whom they believed was a spirit that lived in the mountain. A silver wolf which brought them a prosperous and bountiful harvest every year, as well as a glorious spring. The village was meant to be untouched by the outside world, but unfortunately even this peaceful village could not escape the wrath of war. And with war, came murderous bandits.

Almost a thousand innocent souls were slain by desperate, fortune obsessed bandits. However, these souls held tight to the memories of their doomed lives. Filled with hatred and a thirst for vengeance, they rose up from where they had fallen, taking on the form of the beings they’ve come to respect; wolves.

As their village burned to ashes, their rage intensified. Their pelts matched that of the pools of blood surrounding their fallen corpses. As their new formed bodies burned with a stoked rage, they began to light up like the flames around them. Ashes from the fires swirled into thick stygian smoke, which soon decorated their plain blood hued fur with symbolic stroked markings. These markings began to take on the shapes of whom each wolf was before their death, and what they were now to become for the future.

Now marked for battle, the wolves mercilessly hunted down all those who brought death and ruin to their village and their lives. It was not until the last of the bandits were killed that justice was served and the wolves felt at peace.

Satisfied with their vengeance, most of the wolves returned to where they had fallen, submerging back into the crimson pools; souls appeased and at rest. But not all of them. Fond of their new and reincarnated selves, these individuals remained. They wished to embrace the new life bestowed upon them by their gods.

‘Blood’ from to the color of their pelts.

‘Bayne’ rewritten from ‘bane’; meaning ‘thing that ruins or spoils’.

They came to call themselves the Bloodbayne wolves of Germany, and formed a society known as the Truppe von Scharlach or Troupe of Scarlet.

|| || ||


Despite the bloodbayne wolves being similar in appearance due to their red pelts and markings, they are actually quite different genetic wise. Each bloodbayne wolf comes from a different family lineage, thus inbreeding is very, very rare. They are not related in a sense. Fathers tend to actually coach their sons into finding a female mate unrelated by blood, while mothers do the same for their daughters.

Bloodbayne wolves are born with red pelts. Either light shades, or dark shades of red. It is very rare for any other hue to emerge within a bloobayne wolf’s litter. Unless one of the parents is not a bloodbayne wolf, all young are expected to be red hued.

{Symbolic Markings}
Markings usually appear between the ages 6 months to 3 years. How? That all depends on the individuals themselves. Usually a dramatic change, or impact to a young-blood’s life will cause their markings to appear and then ‘awaken’ (meaning glow). In most cases, it usually involves them getting angry; practically blind rage towards someone or something.

Markings can be very random once appearing and they can cover from head to tail. Very rarely do markings reach the legs, but it’s not impossible. But the most important marking is the family ‘trademark’ which is usually displayed on either the right or the left shoulder of the bloodbayne wolf. Offspring will always inherit the ‘trademark’ of the father since they hold the ‘family name’. Unless the father is not of Bloodbayne lineage, there's a 10% chance the 'trademark' of the mother will appear.

{Mix Breeding}
A bloodbayne hybrid (meaning a pup with only 1 bloodbayne parent) has a very slim chance at inheriting both markings and the glow.  There's perhaps a 50% chance that a pup or two will inherit symbolic markings; and when they do, it's usually 1-3 markings. As for the glowing aspect, it's a 10% chance that their marking(s) will awaken.


Despite the attitude she has now, Frauke had a very happy and normal pup-hood. Her mother Helena, who was affectionate and loving, tended to spoil her. Her father Hartwin, whom was strict, would firmly discipline.

Frauke was born within a tribal pack, known as the Troupe of Scarlet; a pack that resided up in the snowy mountains of Zugspitze in Germany. Because of the harsh winters, it was no surprise for a Bloodbayne wolf to be born with thick fur.

Frauke was mainly trained in the ways of the warrior, just like her father; and like her father, she was a born fighter, but very hot-headed. She was known to be cocky, especially towards the heirs of the higher ranked lupines. Frauke was not born an heir. She was the daughter of an elite, yes, but even elites had to keep their heads low; especially their progeny. Albeit, she held utmost respect for those higher ranked than herself,  there were times when some of the heir's torments pushed her too far. So, she would retaliate either verbally, or physically.


When initiation day arrived, Frauke had turned 1 year and 6 months. Her pack's markings have yet to appear, so her pelt was as plain and bare as that of an untouched canvas. She could only hope her markings would awaken soon.

Instead of going on a traditional hunt, Frauke chose to spar; and with her luck, she was paired with the son of a tribune council. Now, in an initiation spar, it was not uncommon to draw blood; but it was forbidden to make the heir of a tribune bleed. Unfortunately, Frauke has always been known, even at a young age, to have a short temper. When Frauke’s opponent dared to provoke her by insulting her kin, the raging hue of red over took her vision.

Before the match even ended Frauke found herself being pried off by multiple lupines, her father included. As she watched her tormentor now writhing on the ground, tail between his blood spewing back legs; she came to horribly realize the crime she has committed. The brute’s bloodline had now been shattered by her fangs. She could taste the jewels of his kindred as they dangled from her scarlet stained jaws.

As the she-wolf glanced around in a daze, she could see the many faces of  dismay, fear, awe and disappointment. In their eyes, Frauke could see a hint of illumination. She slowly turns to look up at her sire; he too wore a face of torn awe as she stared down at his youngest progeny. Albeit she could not see herself, through her father's eyes, she could see a string of luminous symbols radiating from her entire frame.

"So I have awakened...?"

Craning her head, Frauke could barely make out the symbol of a blooming rose upon her shoulder. A symbol that very much resembled that of her father. A symbol that resembled that of a true Bloodbayne; a successor of the Rosenrot bloodline. A bloodline she is sure to have also ruined.


After the incident, Frauke was placed in ‘solitary confinement’ to await judgement by the pack’s high council. She was to be tried for her grotesque acts against not only the tribune’s heir, but his kin’s entire bloodline. By the time evening had arrived, Frauke was ruled to receive the ‘mark of banishment’ and exiled. To add to her punishment, the one chosen to carve said mark into her flesh was her father. The pain of receiving the mark was nothing compared to the pain she bore in her heart.

Wishing for their daughter to never forget them, Hartwin and Helena passed down to the crimson she-wolf their most prized possessions. A scarlet hued scarf her father obtained after warding off a group of humans from their pack’s mountain. From her mother, a plastic red blooming rose that she seemed to always wear in her elongated mane. Frauke swore to both she would cherish these treasures until her dying day.

It was saddening because Frauke now knew her parents were never going to see her hunt for the first time, watch her grow, meet her beloved if she ever found one, nor meet her family if she came to create one. After exchanging their goodbyes, Frauke took her leave.

At age 1 year and 6 months, Frauke had become a vagabond; a lone she wolf.


After being exiled for a few months, Frauke was experiencing the hardships of life without a pack. Starvation seemed to always nip at her heels and the inner walls of her stomach. With her still being a yearling, she held no experience in the art of hunting. On lucky days, she would scavenge and steal from smaller predators; such as foxes and coyotes. But even they proved difficult to ward off when desperate. There was a winter, however, that Frauke would never forget.


She was now at the point where any food would do. Her once bulk frame was now heavily emaciated; practically nothing but skin and fatigued bones. As she wondered and searched desperately for anything she could label as food, something in the snow catches her eyes. When she approached, Frauke is met with the corpse of an unknown wolf. Ironically, she could tell by the condition of the others embodiment, the poor lupine must have starved in the freezing snow.

Was this to be her fate as well? As she stared into those dead colorless eyes, a gruesome thought came to the she-wolf.

“Can one….eat their own?”

She has heard tales from old peers, a wolf who eats their own…is an abomination. A being no longer to be considered as a wolf. Other tales claimed that a wolf who ate its own, would surly grow ill and die. But were the rumors and stories true?

Frauke’s thoughts are interrupted when a gurgling growl accumulates from her empty belly. She had not even realized the excessive amounts of drool seeping from the corners of her mouth.

“Go on lil’ one, do not think of me as someone to pity. For I will be saving you.”

Whether it was the hallucinations of hunger, or she had fallen into the pits of delirium, Frauke could have sworn she witnessed the deceased lupine’s apparition standing above its own corpse; speaking to her. However, their words alone were enough to pursue the starving she-wolf. Gathering up her courage and swallowing down whatever sanity she had left, Frauke ambled towards the corpse and began to gorge.

The meat had been preserved by the snow, so it was deliciously fresh to the tongue. Despite the horridness in her actions, Frauke learned something crucial; and she will forever keep it embedded deep within her subconscious.

“Be it the flesh of rabbit, elk, or wolf; all is precious and should not be wasted.”


When Frauke reached the age of 3, she had already accustomed herself into eating anything so as not to starve. Being picky was no longer an option for her. But as the she-wolf grew older, she also grew bolder. On some occasions, she would sneak into the territories of other packs and steal their kills when they were sleeping or patrolling.

After surviving on her own for some time now, Frauke now questioned why one needed a pack to begin with. She never really understood hierarchy. Nor the purpose or the aspect of packs ‘owning’ certain parts of land. Even when she was still a part of her own pack, she didn't like the idea of having some form of authority over her head.

She was a free-spirited being now, and thus developed the mentality that she could go wherever she wished, whenever she wished. She could do whatever she pleased, and expected no consequences in doing so. However, it was this kind of perspective that got her into a tight situation that nearly costed her life.

Ambling through the territory of a pack she had raided before, Frauke searched through their food-pile. It was not until a set of fangs embedded themselves into the back of the she-wolf’s nape, did she realize her carelessness. Next thing she knew, she was being pinned before the alpha pair of said pack. She grew irritated of them speaking over her, discussing as to what to do with the intruder who’s been stealing from them. Some were willing to grant the she-wolf a chance in letting her join, while others preferred she were punished and forever marked as an omega. Either or, she refused both choices, hating the idea of being ‘tied down’ and doing someone else’s bidding. Upon her refusal, the alphas’ ordered for her to be taken out from their territory; what those who were in charge of the task did from there, was not of their concern.


When Frauke awoke with a gasp, she nearly panicked when she could not see from her left eye. As she frantically pawed at her visage, it stung as a piece of foliage fell off. ‘Oh gott..I can see..’ she sighed in relief. Looking down, she could see the crimson stained leaf-patch. Pain then coursed throughout her entire frame. As she slowly pivoted her head to look at the source, she would see makeshift bandages made up of leaves, laying over her arm and posterior.

When she heard the sound of rustling nearby, Frauke immediately bared her fangs in attempted intimidation, only to see a dark pelted wolf standing before her. In the lupine’s jaws, Frauke could make out a small bundle with pieces of herbal foliage peeking out. Confused, the crimson she-wolf did not let her guard down as the dark pelted wolf approached, only to be surprised when he placed the bundle down and motioned to look at her posterior wounds.

“Who are j’ou?” she growled.

The dark hessian did not answer, which irritated Frauke; but before she could protest, another’s voice interrupted her. “He will not speak…so don’t bother,” accumulated a set of deep vocals, "and show some damn respect, you little shit. Else we'll just throw your ass back into the snow...see how long you last."

Pivoting her head, Frauke was taken back to see another hulking lupine, this one seeming slightly bigger and more vicious than the last. Yet he held a sort of placid expressions to his masculine apex features. Had they saved her from that pack?

They didn’t seem like a vicious pair; but the larger one's attitude did put Frauke on the edge a bit. Reluctantly, she obeyed and allowed the dark pelted male to tend to her, while the other appeared to be standing guard to their.. 'this a cave?' she thought.

The larger of the two males called himself Crim, while the other went be Silence. Names that fit the pair perfectly.

Albeit Frauke still refused to tie herself down and gain attachment with others; for some reason, she stuck with the pair of males. Through them, she expanded her knowledge of combat. She learned how to hunt small game, and even slightly larger game such as goats and fawns. She even learned how to fish and catch birds. But with this new found knowledge and her new 'mentors', Frauke’s confidence and beliefs of there being no boundaries also grew and stuck firmly within her stubborn head.


Now at age 4, the she-wolf found herself still traveling around as a vagabond. Her travels led her to the lands of Flourite Plains. Her companions would usually wander off on their own, leaving her to go wherever she pleased, yet were never too far to aid the female if it called for it. Course, whenever they did come and help her, Frauke would usually receive a beating from Crim for being a cocky, ‘punk-ass pup’.

It was never really intentional for Frauke to be hostile towards others. But even after all these years, she still couldn’t understand the concept of being in a pack. So, she would seek them out and watch them from a distance, wishing to feed her curiosity. Some would pay her no mind, while others would chase her off. But there were times when running was just not enough. She learned that the hard way.


With her stubborn attitude and fiery spirit, Frauke managed to piss off one of the most notorious packs in Flourite Plains. On the spot, their alpha had ordered her death. Frauke had long accepted death, for it was inevitable, thus she was not afraid. But if she were to die here and now, by gods, she was going to take someone with her. As the alpha stood before her and gave the order, Frauke lunged, managing to severe an ear and a portion of the alpha’s face before dashing from the territory. A number of wolves were at her heels. One managed to even nab the she-wolf by her flank, making her lose her footing. As more piled onto her, she felt one rip through her thigh, tearing something vital.

Before she could comprehend what was happening, the weight was off her back. Above her towered none other than Crim. “Run you dumbass!” Crim snarled heinously. Frauke didn’t have to think twice. Although it was difficult due to the pain, she rose up and ran as fast as her three legs could carry her.

When the pair escaped and reunited with Silence in a small den, Frauke was not only given an earful for her stupid ambitions, but a real beating from Crim. Because of her actions, she had nearly gotten them killed; and there was a possibility she was now lame in her left leg. For some reason she could no longer move it. That was the day Frauke realized, even when one is not afraid of death, one should not go looking for it either.


Months later, Frauke was back on her feet, but not fully healed. Her confrontation with that pack left the crimson she-wolf with a limp in her left leg. Since then, she has not returned to that pack’s territory, nor any territory on Crim’s orders. She understood her companions wished for her well-being, but Frauke was still a stubborn and high spirited she-wolf.


At age 5, Frauke was now in her prime. Able to hunt on her own, stand up for her own, and think on her own; she kept to herself most of the time. Albeit she kept to her word on no longer infiltrating pack’s territories; curiosity, however, once again overcame the scarlet she-wolf. Catching wind of a nearby pack, Frauke soon found herself at the borders of Somber Dominion. From there, even she did not expect for it to cause a dramatic change in her life.

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