Valkeeria Azarai Daeva

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Valkeeria Azarai Daeva

Post by YinYangHeart on Sun Nov 16, 2014 11:36 pm

|D| Valkeeria Azarai-Obadiah Shuck |D|

||FAMILY NAME|| Valkeeria Azarai-Obadiah Daeva
||ALIAS|| Valkeer, Val, Azzy, Madam/Lady Heart
||AGE|| 4 Years
||GENDER|| Female
||VOCALS|| Helen Mirren
||SPECIES|| Warg
||BREED|| Daeva Lupine
||SCENT|| Musky Pine
||S.O.|| Hetero
||HEIGHT|| 5.5ft ||WEIGHT|| 215lbs

= Semi-aggressive towards strangers or those who disrespect her and/or her pack.
= Tends to be very intellect.
= Can be mellow at times if not 'playful' during uneventful moments.
= Can appear to be 'lazy' at times but prefers to train in the morning or evenings.
= Cannot regret or remorse.
= Can be rarely compassionate if impressed or shown 'effort'.
= Solitary at times.
= Can be very strict towards her Blood-kin if not her followers.
= 100% loyal to the well-being of her mother's pack.

= X shaped gash under her right eye.
= Scratches on her lip. (Right side)
= Bleeding heart shaped marking. (Right shoulder)

||PATRIARCH|| Kian [ Deceased ]
||MATRIACH|| Hoshea Obadiah Daeva
||KIN|| Stygian
||BETROTHED|| Barghest Ethreal Shuck
||PAST LOVER|| Belphagor Tibus Bleedheart [Deceased]
||PROGENY|| Vadim

||Legion|| House of Daeva




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