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-}S{- Salvage Aqueous -}S{-

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-}S{- Salvage Da'Loire Xynn Aqueous -}S{-

"You should know by now that it's the quiet ones who are the most deadliest." ~Deina

--Basic Information--
|+| Responds to the titles Salvage, Xynn, or Loire.
|+| Has walked the earth for 5 years and 0 months.
|+| Adds to the muliebrous population.
|+| Bats eyelash only for the masculines.
|+| Emits the aroma of Oceanic Sand.
|+| Accumulates the vocals of a Southern dialect.
|+| Wields the blood of a Dire Wolf.
|+| Height is 4.4ft while weight is 136lbs.
- - - - -
|+| Comes off as motherly, compassionate, protective, authoritative, strict, whimsical, disciplined, stoic, loyal, shy, timid, solitary, blunt, quiet.

- - - - -

~Cerulean Bandana
~Silver Heart-locket
~Silver Bracelets (left wrist)
~Dagger (weapon)

- - - - -

--Family Relation--
|+| Is the great-progeny of sir Lucas and Deina Xynn Morpheus.
|+| Is the progeny of sir Boen and madam Laivyn Da'Loire Aqueous.
|+| Shares half her kin's blood with unknown heirs.
|+| Holds interest towards no masculine.
|+| Desires the heart of no masculine.
|+| Has surrendered her heart to no masculine.
|+| Once held the heart of Chiharu Tsnuke.
|+| Is matriarch to no whelps.
|+| Is surrogate to no whelps.
|+| Holds the friendship of no acquaintances.

- - - - -

--Pack Relation--
|+| Holds loyalty to {T}he {S}anctum {P}roject.
|+| Bows her head to no monarch.
|+| Holds the metier of Chieftain. (SCX)
|+| Surpassed the metiers of Sp, SP, Sm, SM, SLM, SSX.
|+| Experienced in the art of Combat and Medicine.

- - - - -

--Theme Songs--
|+| Walks in content to the beat of "She Wolf" by David Guetta.
|+| Blood is spilled to the beat of "Empty Eyes" by Within Temptation.

- - - - -


One would look into my eyes and claim I have the spirit of water.

Mother once told me...I am like water.

It can move the earth...
Dissolve metal...
Grow wood...
Manipulate lightening...
And even turn into air if it desired.

And when water is blocked, it simply makes a new path.


When I was born, the night was cold and silent. Eerie. Yet even so, mother always assured my safety. As I grew, the nights became colder and all the more eerie. The dark forest brought me nightmares.

Mother would always warn me of the apparitions that lived outside our walls. Their desire to torment if not feast on the flesh of our kin. 'Monsters' are what I call them.

Man had the foolish ambition to play God on our island....and for that, they perished at the hands of their own creations. And now we are left to suffer their mistakes..


I remember a night when /he/ came.


I was 4 months old.

Mother stood before him, keeping me hidden behind her temptress frame, standing her ground. Curiously, I would peek out from behind her lashing tail, catching glimpse of this heinous giant. The quietus of our lands. Bringer of death.

"You may do what you wish onto me, foul heathen! But you are to not lay a paw on this whelp...or so help me, I shall run you through the ground if it's the last thing I do!" Her bellows were deep and full of pugnacious fury. But even I could hear the 'fear' in her vocals. She was just as terrified as I.

To my mother's shock, the beast did not slay her that night. Instead, he turned away from us, allowing us to live. To this day, I cannot understand why.


I have turned 1 year.

But this was not a night for celebration.

My mother has perished this night.

She had been leading an expedition with a few Scouts, showing them the layout of our land. When the expedition returned, all but my mother were present. Their Lead Scout, Chiharu, came to me with ears folded back and head down low. With hoarse bellows, he reported my mother staying behind to deal with the 'bringer of death', giving the others a chance to escape.

Grandmother Deina, who stood beside, already had tears streaming down her cheeks.

I knew at that moment...my mother was not coming home.


A year has passed since my mother's death. I am now 2 years of age.

In melancholy silence, I sit by my grandmother's side. My mother's death took a big toll on my grandmother. Her sorrow has been literally eating at her, but even so, nothing I did could fix her. My heart ached this night.

With her last bit of strength, grandmother Deina turned to me.

"Remember child, no soul is born evil. They are merely developed.." she inhales, "but, you should know by now that it's the quiet ones who are the most deadliest."

Tears fall from my aqueous eyes after hearing her last breath.


I am now 3 years of age, and the new Chieftain of Sanctum Village. I am also an expecting mother with a litter of 2 along the way. 1 month and 3 weeks, to be exact.

Chiharu, my new love and betrothed is out escorting a group of Medics. We were low on herbal rations.

I needed to stretch my legs, so I followed my kin outside the village. The day was still young, the breeze was pleasant, and the smells in the air were pleasuring. I followed the small group for a while, but insist to Chiharu I needed some solitary time, thus a go my separate way, finding a soft mound of earth. As I amble through the thin shrubs of vegetation and head towards the mound, a deep bellowing growl startles me from behind.

My aqueous hued eyes widen. Rifbain.

I do not hesitate to run.

For what seemed like hours, I ran. My legs pulsated with pain, my chest ached, my insides burned, my breathing was labored. No matter how fast I maneuvered, nothing slowed the hulking beast behind me. His massive paws pounded at the earth, I could feel the convulsions from the soil reaching me with each heavy step. The rattling of his chains echoed within my mind, he was catching up.

Desperate for escape, I take a sharp turn towards a large mound of earth and leap over it. My biggest mistake. Over said mound was a shear hill-drop leading down towards a gorge. I lose my footing and tumble down. By the time I reach the bottom, my whole frame is aching and suffering from exhaustion. Hearing the heavy steps of my pursuer, I decided to lay here, eyes shut tight. I can only pray he mistakes me for dead and moves on.

He's here. I can sense him. He's towering over me. I can feel the burn of his soulless eyes boring down on me, but even so, I do not move.

I suddenly feel something moist pressing into my protruding stomach. It digs while taking in deep inhales of breaths. Gods...not my young. The beast soon pulls away. I open a single eye to see the beast towering over me. I freeze and a feeling of dread washes over me.

Though its face can be unreadable at times, I cannot help but to feel as if I see...sorrow in those mud colored eyes.

"Twice I have held your life in my jaws....and twice I have returned it to you."

It speaks...

A snarling bellow echoes from above.


My love dare to leap out from the mound I have jumped over from and struck the beast's left lobe. This seemed to have caught the beast's attention, which worried me deeply.

"Salvage! Run back to the village, the others are waiting there!" he bellowed before taking off back up the hill.

I tremble as the heinous being still towering above emits a loud deep bellow before it sets off after my betrothed. To his request, as soon as both vanish from my sight, I rise and run back to the village.

I lost so much that day.

The fall into the gorge cost me my young. They no longer moved within my womb. Could it be, Rifbain knew of my loss after I have fallen? How can a being that kills without mercy, even hold remorse towards such a loss?

As night fell over the village, Scouts returned from their expeditions. One came to me, a blue bandanna hanging from her jaws; its color matching that of my eyes.  

My betrothed is dead.



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