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Name: Laufiyette Althea Icarus Imp
[Lah-Fee-Et]~[All-Thee-Ah]~[I-Car-Rus]~ [Imp]
Meaning: "Demonic Healing Follower"
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Current Pack: II:Stygian~Dami{I}onia:II
Rank: Guaritore: IGi
Past Ranks: IPr
Theme Song: Flesh by Simon Curtis

Mated to: None
Father to: None
Son of: Arsinius Xonia
Siblings: Tumelo

This is his story…

Modest Laufiyette is a healer yes, but not one who should be classified as an amateur or carelessly affiliated with. His unstable mentality leads others to believe he is indeed an insane individual. However, Laufi sees his ‘insanity’ as another form of ‘indifferent intelligence’.

No one knows where he came from, or how the impish hessian came to be, but all that is known is that the little imp secretly craves to see dark crimson vitals as it seeps through deep inflicted wounds. Or to hear the blissful sound of his ‘victims’ screaming in agony as he pries open their chest and rakes out their beating hearts, only to lovingly add them to his collection.

For some strange exotic reason, Laufi enjoys collecting the hearts of male victims above all. Why males? Because males seem to be the only victims who fight back; plus, the deranged hessian had always had a secretive admiration towards the agnatic species depending on their level of intelligence and will to ‘survive’.

No matter where he goes, the secretive hostile virile always carries within his tightly clamped jaws a large surgical knife. There are times when it is crystalline clean, but rarely. Also, he tends to wear a pair of thin framed glasses, mostly for professionalism, his vision is nowhere slow to being impaired. However, when those glasses are removed, it is only then when Laufiyette’s true sadistic nature arises.

“Konnen ah herz stoppen prugal einmal es ist gewesen entfernt?”
[Can a heart still beat once it’s been removed?]

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