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NAME: Lir Conchur
PRONOUNCED: [Leer Con-cher]
ALIAS: n/a
AGE: IIIy - IVm | GENDER: Virile
AROMA: Chamomile and Lavender
S.O.: Homosexual [Uke]
BREED: Artic/Iberian Mix
VOICE: - | ACCENT: Slight broken Irish.

[+] Compassionate
[+] Calm
[+] Adaptable
{+] Playful
[+] Caring
[+] Organized
[+] Accepting
[+] Protective
[+] Courageous
[+] Dutiful
[+] Humble
[+] Maternal
[=] Shy
[=] Quiet
[=] Obedient
[=] Earthy
[=] Casual
[=] Coy
[=] Curios
[-] Submissive
[-] Delicate
[-] Gullible
[-] Secretive
[-] Hesitant
[-] Odd
[-] Timid
[-] Clumsy

SIRE: Baelfire Conchur | DAM: Karalyn Doirna
KINDRED: - [Vacant]
PUP(S): -

~ 100%
[] Injured
[] Sick
[] Recovering [Mended by __ -/- to -/-]

~ Long gashes along his face.
~ Gashes along the base of his tail.
~ Multiple lacerations on all four limbs.

~ Strength: XXXXXXXXXX
~ Flexibility: XXXXXXXXXX
~ Endurance: XXXXXXXXXX
~ Pain Tolerance: XXXXXXXXXX
~ Intelligence: XXXXXXXXXX

~ Guardian: XXXXXXXXXX
~ Pup-sitter: XXXXXXXXXX
~ Assassin: XXXXXXXXXX

APPEARANCE: Lir stands at a wolf's average size of almost 3.7 feet (at the shoulder), and weighing in at about 126 pounds. Although he lacks thick muscle mass, and has more of a lean body structure, his scarred legs happen to be well toned and built for mainly speed and agility rather than power. The male's fur is at medium length with a pale tan coloration, some dark patches and socks, and a variety of scarring covering his face, legs, and base of his tail.


PACK: Aphotic Order
LEADER(S): IV Alphas
RESPECTS: III Higher-ups
CURRENT RANK: Caretaker [C I]
ASPIRATION: C II-IV and Custodian
TALENTS: Advance healing, hunting, and minor combat.

FIGHTS/SPARS: 2 | Won - | Lost 2 | Tied -
HUNTS: 12 |Success 9 | Fail 3

COLLECTION: Pelts 5 | Bones 2 | Livers 3


Watches I | Protects II | Guards w/ Life III

Family Associate IV | Family V | Blood Kin VI

Acquaintance VII | Associate VIII | Friend IX | Loyal X

Curious XI | Interested XII | Accustomed XIII | Trusts XIV

Likes XV | Admires XVI | Infatuated XVII | Loves XVIII

Neutral XIX | Respects XX | Highly Respects XXI

Dislikes XXII | Despises XXII | Hates XXIV | Loathes XXV

Unease XXVI | Fearful XXVII | Avoids XXVII

Friendly Rival XXIX | Enemy XXX

Challenges XXXI | Wishes Death Upon XXXII

"Careful with who you use them chompers on, Chewy...next bloke may not be so friendly."

~ Nandita: II|V|VIII|XI
"Y-you called me daddy..."

"It's..dare I say..comforting to know I won't have to worry about my own liver. You still make my fur stand on end though."

~ Riggs: I|VII|XIX
"Was a pleasure meeting another fellow packmate. Hopefully we get to chat more."


~ Lir usually carries around a slim fur-sack made from the collected pelts of various rabbits he's caught during his travels. If it's not hanging from around his neck, then it's stashed away in a bush somewhere, close to the den/camp.

~ A chain-link collar also hangs from around Lir's neck. This is what he normally uses to keep the fur-sack around his neck. However, the chain itself came from humans having attempted to capture and tame him as a 'wild dog'.

~ "Lost Boy" by Ruth B. (Travis Atreo cover)


Born from an average pack ruled by a strict alpha pair, Lir has always been the quiet, keep your head low, type of guy; and for good reason. His parents were omegas; and under the alphas' noses, they bore a forbidden litter. However, luck was not fully shinning upon them. Once the alpha pair caught wind of this, they wasted no time eliminating the omega pups. It was only thanks to his sneak of a father, that Lir was hidden away and was spared from the onslaught.

For his early days, he was kept hidden from the pack; his mother and father being his only company. He couldn’t interact with other pups even though he could hear them and see them from afar. He was always drawn into wanting to join their games; but alas, his parents forbade it for fear of their leaders finishing what they sought out to do long before. It was not until Lir became a yearling that his father reintroduced him to the pack as a ‘lone wolf’ scavenging the outskirts of their territory. Since then, Lir’s laid low as another common omega.

By this point in time, Lir was now better acquainted with those within the pack. However, since seeing a full grown male wolf in his prime, as a yearling, Lir came to idolize them. But soon, it turned into admiration. Lir wanted to become said massive beast of the woods; proud, appealing, and powerful. However, as time passed on, it became apparent that what he wanted then is a lot more different from what he wants now.

Much as he tried mingling with females, in the end, it was always a strong strapping male wolf that caught his olive green eyes. Call it idolizing still, or admiration from afar; in truth, only Lir would know.

Life as an omega within this pack was never a dull moment. Granted, it was not pleasant, but still never dull either. Any other wolf ranked higher than omega hardly skipped the chance to snap at the tanned male. Almost on a weekly basis, he would earn a new scar to his already pale and emaciated frame.

For Lir, being able to obtain food was based more on his on luck even. On a good day, Lir would snatch at juicy entrails or a piece fat, but only on a good day. Other times, he’d mostly go hungry. At one point, he learned the hard way it was not wise to snatch and grab. Even if the carcass had been lying in the open for a while; he was severely punished for picking at the scraps of another's kill. A few times he’d get away with a delicious chunk of liver; but other times, he’d be lucky to get away at all.

As time rode on, Lir miraculously reached the age of two. By this point in time he had learned how to catch small prey on his own; and with the loving aid of his mother, he had also become very prudent in the art of herbal healing. With his early years of constantly being beaten, it was his fortune that his mother was one of the pack’s most skilled healers. Through her, Lir learned the basics, and was even able to mend his own wounds from time to time.

Then came the day when the pack’s numbers seemed to have increased dramatically after the alpha female’s recent litter. Unfortunately, this would mean the pack had to go under a drastic sweep of exiling members. To no one’s surprise, it was a handful of yearlings, and multiple young adults who were targeted to be exiled. Among them was Lir.

A part of Lir was glad for the exile. This meant no more beatings, no more threats from stealing food, and hopefully no more hunger. However, life for a lone wolf was just as unpredictable and rough. Due to his physique, Lir was only able to bring down small game such as rabbits, fish, and birds. On only one or two occasions was he able to bring down a fawn…long as the mother was occupied. Lir made it a strong habit to always savor his kills’ livers. To him, they were the most nutritious part, thus on many occasions he would save them for later.

As time continued to move on, Lir continued to grow in both mind and body. He’s had his fair share experiencing hostile packs, and carried new wounds to remind him of his mistakes; simply waltzing into another pack’s territory with a smile did not always set well with said packs. But in gaining new scars, his healing capabilities grew as well. He became very self-knowledgeable, and offered to mend other lone wolves if they required such assistance.

But the sting of loneliness was beginning to eat away at the young wolf. Now at age 3, he’s yet to have found any pack that would take him in, much less a family of his own. That was until he stumbled upon the Aphotic Order.

Perhaps this was a chance to a new and positive life...


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