The Vukasyn Daeva

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The Vukasyn Daeva

Post by YinYangHeart on Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:47 pm

Meet the Vukasyn Daeva.

Giant pure blood Wargs whom have roam the lands for decades if not longer. For centuries, the blood of the Vukasyn Daeva has always been pure.

Those born within in the family were either blessed with it's signature trade-mark, or cursed. The most common trade-mark of the Daeva was a V shaped marking upon their chest. Those born within the family but without the mark were either put to death or exiled.

Such harsh traditions, but traditions none the less that to this day take place.


|+| House of Daeva |+|

Head of the house of Daeva. Creator and founder of the blood.

Lady/Lord of the Daeva House should the Originators meet their end.

The 2nd Seccessors should the current Lord/Lady meet an unexpected end.

+Blood Heir+
Heirs to the Daeva House whom have not come of age to hold power within the house.

Heird to the Daeva House born without the traditional Trademark, thus these heirs are doomed to exile or death.

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